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How climate change is affecting fall foliage – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-10-12 13:40:37 –

The yellow, orange, and red colors of the fall foliage season are slowly expanding throughout the United States. As can be seen through the leaves, the change from summer to autumn is changing at a different pace due to climate change.

Rising global temperatures create moist and warmer regions of the country, which directly affect trees and their photosynthetic processes.

“September is the most important month for determining the timing and quality of autumn leaves,” said Howard Neufeld, a professor of biology at Appalachian State University.

Due to climate change, summer temperatures will increase until September and the autumn colors will change. As the summer season changes, so does the autumn season.

“In a warmer future world of high CO2, the summer season can be longer,” Neufeld said.

The higher the temperature, the more water vapor the atmosphere holds and the more rain it rains in the area.

Neufeld says warm, rainy weather produces dull red leaves.

Red leaves define the seasonal beauty of autumn leaves.

Orange and yellow leaves are always present, as the green of chlorophyll obscures the pigments that cause those colors during the summer.

Climate change will also change the composition of forests and canopies. Warm climates will move some trees north.

After the glacier receded, there was a similar movement of Florida trees.

“They can’t move like the’Lord of the Rings’, which they can walk on, but they can be moved by seed dispersal. If it’s too warm in the south, you’ll have to move north. There is, “says Neufeld.

When the leaves change from green to autumn, the temperature rises and they change at different time intervals.

“Not all colors are displayed at once, so the color intensity isn’t that great,” Neufeld said.

The autumn foliage tourism industry is estimated to send between $ 25 billion and $ 30 billion annually into the national economy.

Newsy’s Scott Withers first reported this story.

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