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Denver, Colorado 2021-01-13 16:37:39 –

For the first time in 13 months, Colorado’s Congressman split in line with party policy during an impeachment vote for President Donald Trump. All Democrats voted in favor on Wednesday, and all Republicans opposed.

The reasons for their vote also reflect partisan rhetoric, with GOP Rep. Kenbak calling the impeachment triggered by a riot in the Capitol on January 6, and Democratic Rep. Jason Crow “courageous” to the Republicans. I asked to show.

Trump was impeached by the US House of Representatives in a vote of 232-197 for the high crime and misdemeanor of inciting a rebellion. He is the only impeached president in American history and will probably be tried for the second time in the US Senate after resigning on January 20.

Democrats claim that the president instigated a mob on January 6 to maintain power. Prior to the deadly attack, Trump told the crowd to march to the Capitol, where Congressmen proved the presidential election.

“If you don’t fight like hell, there’s no country anymore,” he said that day. Hours later, rioters killed police officers and injured dozens.

“President Trump’s actions to incite a mob who attacked the US Capitol with the sole purpose of stopping the constitutionally mandated election vote can’t be answered by the agency,” he said. D-Lafayette’s Congressman Joe Negz said in a previous speech. Voting. “He must be impeached.”

Republican Buck, who blamed the riots that day and criticized Trump’s rhetoric, said impeachment was not the right solution.

“If we take this violence seriously, we must be aware of the divisive political situation created by the leaders of this country,” Buck said. “Republican and Democratic lawmakers must likewise lead the issue by softening divisive rhetoric and encouraging unity. This failed impeachment incites an already uncontrollable flame of fire. Just do it. “

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R-Windsor’s Congressman Kenbuck spoke to the House Judiciary Committee on “Political Interference and the Threat of Prosecution’s Independence” at Capitol Hill, Washington, DC on June 24, 2020. Listen with.

The speed at which the president was impeached (only a week after the Capitol riots) is unprecedented in US history. The House Judiciary Committee did not have weeks of hearings or days of debate as it did in 2019. Instead, the impeachment article was introduced directly to the House floor and voted on Wednesday afternoon after a brief statement of several hours. ..

“Rather than actually helping Americans at this time, (Democrats) will begin impeachment to further divide our country,” said rifle Republican Lauren Bobert. “When I hear the Democrats demanding unity, I call them junk. Sadly, they are only united in hatred.”

For some Democrats, the January 6 event was fresh in their minds when they voted. Denver Rep. Diana Degette, who spoke on the floor of the House before the vote, pointed to the place where she lay down on the floor and heard the gunshot a week ago in the House gallery.

“They were angry mobs instigated by the president trying to stop the recognition of legitimate elections,” said Degette, a prosecutor in the Senate trial with Negz. “It’s clear that the president didn’t learn anything last year. Yesterday, the president reiterated that he didn’t do anything wrong. This man was dangerous, unconstitutional, instigated, and instigated. And he must be taken away. “

People evacuating to the house gallery ...

Andrew Harnik, Associated Press

Congressman Jason Crow, Republicans, centers, and others evacuate to the House Gallery on January 6, 2021 as a crowd of Protrump supporters attempting to break into the House Chambers of the US Capitol.

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