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It’s a highly debated topic: how do you pronounce the word “pecan”? You may be surprised at how it was first pronounced and how it is said nationwide.

puh-KAHN. You can pee. Pee-KAHN. Pee Khan.

These are spelled “pecans” by people all over the country, but only how to pronounce smooth brown nuts that are very differently verbalized depending on where you live and who you grew up in. It is a part.

The words come from Native American words, Pecan nuts, Because it was a nut Important part A diet for Native Americans hundreds of years ago.

The first US pecan nut planting took place in 1772 on Long Island, New York, but eventually became a commonly grown nut in southern states, including Texas.

The first pronunciation of this word was actually made 11 years earlier and was pronounced “puh-kahn”. According to Merriam-Webster..

However, when nuts were cultivated, eaten, and baked all over the country, the word became widespread.

In May of this year, the Tennessee Valley Pecan Company, although not “appropriate”, said: Most accepted pronunciation It is “pi-KAHN”.

2020, West Texas Pecan Nut Company Millican Pecan I wrote in a blog post The pecan nuts can be pronounced correctly as “Pa-kawn” instead of “PEE-can”, “puh-KAHN” or “either pronunciation”.

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Agricultural company farm flavors stated that “pee-KAHN” is the most commonly used pronunciation and “pick-AHN” is the most frequently used in the Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Mississippi regions. rice field.

However, Recent research According to the National Pecan Shellers Association, 70% of people in the northeast pronounce “PEE-can” and 45% of people in the south pronounce it.

according to US Pecan Nut Growers Council (Yes, it’s real), there is no right or wrong way to pronounce pecans.

In 2003, Harvard University Dialect survey This shows how certain regions of the country generally pronounce words. At that time, 28.6% of the country said “pee KAHN”, which is the highest percentage in the country.

After all, there is no way to say the word pecan, which is constantly being debated. I think this is a nut that is hard to crack.

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