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How does J.J. Watt’s signing impact Broncos’ situation with Von Miller? – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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When the last few seconds were carved in the Denver-Super Bowl 50, Von Miller became joyful and capricious. He shouted, hugged, and smiled, enjoying the Broncos championship. This is the title that Miller won for the dangerous defenses fueled by the game’s MVP performance.

How hurry.

Broncos wanted to live in those snapshots forever.

However, it matured like sushi from that night and became the first franchise to miss the playoffs for the fifth consecutive year since winning the title. Defeat, necessary reconstruction, and economics have colluded to make difficult decisions about Miller’s future. He will pay $ 18 million in 2021 and will need to make a decision by March 16 on the $ 7 million option as part of the deal.

Miller turned 32 this month and missed everything last season after dislocating his left ankle tendon. The eight sack in 2019 was his lowest number since 2013.

Also, on February 23, Parker police filed a proceeding against Miller with the 18th Judicial District Law Office, but it has not been decided whether to prosecute. There is no timeline on whether to charge Miller, but you can decide this week.

If not accused, it will help whether Miller stays in Broncos or enters the open market.

No one doubts Miller’s resume-he’s a ring of fame and a hall of fame-but it makes sense to put many other holes back in him to fill Broncos’ defense. Is it correct? Broncos needs help with cornerbacks, linebackers, and safety when walking Kareem Jackson (and a decision on his $ 1.5 million option on March 16).

In connection with the mirror, Monday brought new wrinkles. According to ESPN, free agent JJ ​​Watt has signed a two-year, $ 31 million deal with Arizona Cardinals. This includes a $ 23 million warranty. Watt and Miller are similar in age (both will be 32 this month), have the same production, and were healthy last season but have dealt with injuries.

Does this deal affect Broncos regarding Miller’s situation?

There is really no easy answer.

According to sources, there is still no movement on the situation of Miller. New general manager George Peyton has been recording a long time as he tried to put puzzle pieces on the first roster. The first is a building and the last is one.And Miller’s agent, Jobby Branion, is wise and informs Miller if he should make a wage cut and what the market would be like if he became a free agent. Masu

Monday provides a bit of clarity to the market, if nothing else. It gives Broncos and Miller an idea of ​​what his value as a free agent is.

It also raises the question of whether Watt is the ceiling or floor of a player like a mirror. As a free agent, Miller could ask for more than Watt with a straight face-don’t do it for all free agents. Will he get it? There is no doubt that you will be interested in mirrors once they are available. It is part of a pause in Broncos thinking. How do you let go of such a player?

Broncos has to consider that their defense requires a great deal of support and that all dollars are important. Broncos was 25th in points (27.9), allowed rushyards (130,0), 29th and 16th in takeway, four of which were the last meaningless games. This is a unit that requires one starting cornerback, if not two. Will they draft Caleb Farley or Patrick Surtain II and sign someone like Mike Hilton in Steelers? And someone like Eric Wilson of Minnesota needs more versatility with an internal linebacker who can understand the mix given his skills to produce turnovers.

And what about defensive lines? Mike Purcell should be okay to return from Lisfranc injury, but Broncos will try to add a veteran if he can’t sign Shelby Harris (they are interested in bringing him back depending on his market) ).

There is one thing for sure. Free Safety Justin Simmons is back. He fits the draft and development models endorsed by Paton. He is a professional bowler, all-professional, locker room and community leader. He’s exactly the type of player the franchise is looking for in rewards, watched by the locker room.

It seems unlikely that both sides will agree on a long-term contract until March 9th (the franchise tag deadline), but the second franchise tag will buy both sides until July 15th and find a common ground. Negotiate with confidence.

Simmons draws numbers to fix the defense. It used to be the role of the phone. He can still be a productive player, everyone agrees with this. But at what price? Even if Watt’s signature provided a peak in economic parameters, it remains a problem.

How does J.J. Watt’s signing impact Broncos’ situation with Von Miller? Source link How does J.J. Watt’s signing impact Broncos’ situation with Von Miller?

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