How Game of Thrones Nude Affects My Career

Lasting effect. Nathalie Emmanuel May be best known as Missandy Game of ThronesBut that doesn’t mean she always confronts such an exposed part.

During the episode on May 25th “Make It Reign with Josh Smith” PodcastThe 32-year-old actress, who starred in 38 episodes of the HBO series, revealed that the nude scene on the show had a long-term impact on her career.

“When I did Game of Thrones, I agreed with a particular nude scene or nudity in the show ” F9 The star explained during the podcast. “And the perception from other projects was that when that role needed nudity, I did it in that one show, so I was open to doing anything.

Nathalie Emmanuel Provided by Macall B. Polay / HBO

Is 4 weddings and funerals Alum said she has been “challenged” by creators since the end of her time in the fantasy series.

“[They’d] “But this part needs it,” I said. “If you need it in that part, that’s fine. I’m not comfortable with that level of nudity,” she recalled. “I’ll do this amount, you know. , I can do this. I think this is necessary for that part. “

Emmanuel speaks out without problems if she feels too much nudity or something isn’t working. “[I’d say,] “Thank you very much. Thank you for your interest. But that’s not what I think is necessary for this part, it’s a difference of opinion and creativity, and that’s okay.”

From England, he added, “9 out of 10 times, people are solution-based and want to compromise.”

Emmanuel is not the first time Game of Thrones A cast member who raised a voice about the nude of the series. Carice van Houten Telled Insider in 2020 that she saw the scene differently after the #MeToo movement.

“Looking back,’Why should that scene be nude? Why was it normal?'” Recalled the Dutch actress, 44, “I question things. I threw it, but not enough to blame anyone, but it’s how we evolved and how the movement influenced me … [I was] I am very conscious of the eyes of men. “

Emilia ClarkePlayed Daenerys Targaryen, She was fed up with the nude scene rear Game of Thrones — That’s why she turned down the lead role Fifty Shades of Gray..

“The last time I got naked on the camera [Game of Thrones] It was a long time ago, but that’s all I’m asked to do because I’m a woman, “said 34-year-old Clark. Hollywood Reporter In 2019. I’m sick of doing it for the characters — I didn’t do that so that someone could check my boobs for God.

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How Game of Thrones Nude Affects My Career

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