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How Genre-Defying Musician Gram Parsons Came to be Buried in Metairie – New Orleans, Louisiana

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Gram Parsons Born November 5, 1946 in Winter Haven, Florida. Originally named Cecil Ingram Connor III, this heir to citrus mogul John A. Snibury’s fortune was born to a World War II fighter pilot and heir’s mother. He started taking guitar lessons at the age of nine After meeting Elvis Presley himself, Presley was playing for the army at Connor’s base behind the scenes of the concert.

Livermore, CA – December 6: The Flying Burrito Brothers’ Gram Parsons will perform on stage at the Altamont Speedway in Livermore, CA on December 6, 1969. (Photo by Robert Altman / Michael Ochs Archive / Getty Images)

Probably expected to follow in the footsteps of his father, Gram was sent to a military prep school in Jacksonville at the age of 10... However, he was expelled two years after his father Cecil committed suicide in December 1958. The whole family, especially his mother, Avis, who had problems with alcohol and drug use during this period, took Cecil’s death very hard. Like a mother, like a son. Gram began to sneak away some of his mother’s supply and became obsessed with substance abuse throughout his life.

It was in this atmosphere that Robert “Bob” Parsons came.

Robert Parsons

Born in 1925, Robert Parsons is one of New Orleans himself. Bob’s mother was abandoned by her father, suffering from money, Bob acquired a paper route, and her mother began to find a position in a local bank. An ambitious companion, Bob was finally able to find a job in a men’s clothing store. He insisted on being seen as a gentleman, and his impeccable style secured that image. Simply put, Bob encouraged people to believe he had money.

Late 1950s Bob lived in Cuba, Probably working in the citrus industry. He was thrown out by his first wife, Alice, for an affair and was soon picked up by a “social heir” who was rumored to want to leave her husband to him. While in Havana, Bob happened to meet and become friends with his uncle, Thomas Snibley Jr., a drinker who was Avis Snibley Connor’s uncle. Bob was so impressed with Thomas that he was invited to Winter Haven in 1959 to discuss the management of Snibury’s citrus processing plant. At that time, he met Avis.

Described as a charismatic person who went to first class, Bob was a modest, smooth speaker, and a snappy dresser. The same trait that was able to help his business was exactly what the Snibley family was afraid of for those who were courting the recently widowed Avis. After all, Fortune Hunter was a dozen dimes, and Avis was considered an easy prey. Her family wasn’t happy when she met Bob and soon fell in love.. When Bob and Avis got married just eight months after they met, they were forced to do so by elopement. No one in the Snively clan knows where the ceremony took place or what the Avis dress looked like. It’s just what happened in 1959.

Gram Parsons

If he lost his family, was hungry for another, or Snively should be believed, to secure a line to the good luck of the children, Bob soon hired Gram and his sister, Little Avis.. In most cases, the new family seemed to be very well connected to the unit.Gram continued to play music and when he joined a folk group 17 year old 1965 Shilohs, Bob supported Gram recording with a band in New York City.

In June of the same year, on the morning of graduating from Gram High School, he was told that his mother had died of alcoholism. Avis’s death put Gram introspective, and he left Harvard University only one semester to pursue the only thing he could imagine. With discipline and creativity, it didn’t take long for Gram to form a band. In July 1967, the International Submarine Band made a recording. Safe at home – A work that many consider to be the first country rock album.

Los Angeles – circa 1971: Singer-songwriter Gram Parsons put his band Flying Burrito Bros in the backseat of Cadillac around 1971 in Los Angeles, California. Pose for a portrait session wearing a T-shirt that promotes. (Photo by Ginny Winn / Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images)

Recording with Birds while Gram went from professional success to success Rodeo’s lover When Emmylou Harris sang with him on his solo album, he helped launch the album and Emmylou Harris’ career. GP, His increased drug use caused personal problems. He married actress Gretchen Barrel as a model in 1970, and only three years later, they separated with an irreconcilable difference.

When he was killed in a car accident, his fast life caught up with one of Gram’s bandmates. Gram reportedly declared that he wanted to cremate in Joshua Tree National Park instead of putting it underground after singing at his bandmate’s funeral. Philip Kaufman, Gram’s friend reassured Gram that the cremation had taken place.

The battle over Gram’s death and his fortune

Over time, Gram’s relationship with Bob got worse... He and Little Avis took Bob to court to get rid of the controls that Bob had left in his family’s trust. Between the desire to maintain Bob’s image and Snivelys’ bad business decisions, money was badly mismanaged. There was also the problem of Bob putting a badge on Gram and Little Avis about their drug use now that his liver has stopped functioning due to alcoholism.

UNSPECIFIED – January 1: (Australia Out) Gram Parsons Photograph (GAB Archive / Photograph by Redferns)

Perhaps they should have listened more carefully. On September 19, 1973, relaxing at the Joshua Tree Inn before the tour started, Gram Parsons overdose from a deadly combination of morphine and alcohol.. He was declared dead at 12:15 am and his cause of death was determined to be drug toxicity. He was 26 years old.

Bob Parsons arranged to transport Gram’s body to New Orleans for burial. He reportedly supported him as the closest living male relative to him by the Napoleonic Code, hoping that Gram’s inheritance would be him. But first, Bob needed to establish that Gram was a resident of Louisiana, and to do that, Bob needed to fill Gram.

There were two twists in Bob’s plan. One: Gram’s estranged wife Gretchen appeared in court on September 20, 1973, just one day after Gram’s death, and began probate proceedings. To manage Gram’s property. The line of inheritance was unclear because he had not left any instructions regarding his property. 2: Gram’s body was stolen from Los Angeles Airport.

Los Angeles – June 1973: Singer-songwriter Gram Parsons wears Gram Parsons and Fallen Angels T-shirts at a party with his girlfriend Gretchen Barrel in Los Angeles, California in June 1973. (Photo by Ginny Winn / Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images)

Missing body

Philip Kaufman and Micheál Martin rented a hearse without a license plate to steal the corpse of a friend, Gram Parsons. With the help of drugs and drinks, the two convinced the guards that their family’s plans to fly to NOLA had changed. Kaufman signs his body and Last drive Gram to Joshua Tree National Park.. So he put a can of beer in the casket, poured a few gallons of petrol into his body and threw it in a match.

The resulting fireball was impressive, with some reports showing it several miles away. Smoke and blast warned authorities of DIY cremation, and Kaufman and Martin crouched a few days later. There was no law prohibiting the theft of corpses, so they were charged with stealing the casket and setting it on fire. Kaufman and Martin were fined $ 708 for a massive theft...

Meanwhile, what remained in Gram after the fire arrived in New Orleans. The funeral was the case of a small family whose Gram was buried in the garden of Metairie’s memory. Despite the best efforts Bob’s case was thrown out of court Bob held control of some of Gram’s trust, but Gretchen became the executor of Gram’s property.

Gram’s last album, 1974 Grievous AngelReleased after his death, he continued to evolve what he called cosmic American music. Credited and gram-influenced in the creation of country rock or progressive country include Elvis Costello, Eagles, U2 and The Rolling Stones. In fact, Rolling Stone ranked Gram Parsons 87th. 100 Most Influential Artists Ever 2004 list, between Tupac Shakur and Miles Davis.

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