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Pitkin County, Colorado — A series of false tweets sent by the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office confused drivers trying to navigate Glenwood Canyon’s I-70 closure.

I-70 in the area has been closed since July 29th. A large landslide covered part of the roadSince then, the Colorado Department of Transportation has been working on cleaning and repairing roads.

Meanwhile, drivers are looking for other ways in the area. For some, the Independence Pass (Colorado 82) was an option. Social media photos show that the roads in both directions are blocked.

But on Wednesday, the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office I sent a tweet He said the road was closed due to a landslide. Given the serious wildfires in the state last year and the heavy rains this year, the notifications seemed normal.

another Tweet was sent 11 minutes later Repeating the fact that there was a landslide, he encouraged people to find another route.

The CDOT website has also been updated to reflect road closures and has been blamed for landslides in the area. Later, Google, Apple, and other GPS mapping systems were notified by government agencies that the roads were closed and traffic around the pass began to be routed.

In reality, there were no landslides and the roads were not closed.

More than an hour after sending the first tweet about the landslide, the sheriff’s office changed course, and the tweet indicated that the road was closed on the state’s website and various GPS systems. For challenging mountain roads in the countryside with limited cell services. “

Independence paths can certainly be a dangerous drive. Greg Fulton, chairman of the Colorado Motor Carrier Association, says that’s exactly why semi-tracks aren’t allowed and why their commercial GPS system flags roads as areas they can’t reach.

“Independence pass, if you go through it, it’s beautiful. That’s great. But when you look at it, it’s very narrow, with lots of switchbacks, and it’s actually designed for heavy vehicles. There is currently a limit of 40 feet or less because it wasn’t, “Fulton said.

The CDOT website was also updated immediately to look like this: “CO82 Independence Pass Should not be considered an alternative route, Vehicles over CMV or 35 feet are not allowed. Delivery vehicles, motorhomes, and trailers should not use the Independence Pass to avoid interstate highway closures. The route is narrow and alpine roads, with tight switchbacks and heavy tourist traffic. “

Denver7 repeatedly contacted the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office to find out where the false information about the landslide came from, but did not receive a response.

CDOT did not agree to the interview, but said in an email: The information indicating the CO 82 that was closed yesterday (Wednesday 8/4) included false information about the CO 82 landslide. There was no landslide of CO82 yesterday.For information I made a mistake, so I corrected the information within an hour. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. “

However, CDOT did not explain where the false information about the landslide came from after being repeatedly asked by Denver7. Instead, the spokesman simply said the information was incorrect and was posted by accident.

Nevertheless, the GPS system displays the road at a much longer distance as a closed and routed driver.

Denver7 also contacted Google and Apple to see if the company plans to update the map to reflect the fact that the road is actually open. Apple did not respond to requests for comment.

Meanwhile, Google sent a statement to Denver 7:

“We created Google Maps with safety and reliability in mind to quickly investigate routing issues related to the Independence Path and its surroundings. Google Maps navigation guidance is trustworthy. It is based on the exact specifications collected from sources, such as real-time feedback from data providers and users that can be used. As official changes are made to limit a particular route, the direction is updated accordingly. “

Fulton says he understands the challenges CDOT faces when deciding on roads that are open or closed, especially dangerous roads that are open but not recommended for everyone.

He believes the big picture is that the state needs to find more alternative routes for drivers.

“It’s very busy and it’s passing through a small community,” Fulton said. Alternatively, it is a detour type route of I-70 that is closed for a certain period of time like this. ”

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