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As a wireless analyst for over 30 years, I thought I’d seen it all. He commented on the successes and failures of companies, products and services, and the good and bad moves. Then John Leger suddenly appeared in this photo almost 10 years ago as CEO of T-Mobile US. He saved T-Mobile on his own, but T-Mobile was the smallest of the major wireless operators at the time and failed. He not only saved the company, but turned it into a leader, using some very unorthodox methods.

I’ve been watching Leger for decades. Early on, he was an AT & T man. He worked hard to build AT & T decades ago, along with many other executives I know of.

He was the CEO of a company called Global Crossing. Chasing him in that conservative position, I saw his inner persona struggling to explode.

Then when he was hired as CEO of T-Mobile, he was unleashed, and as they say, the rest is history.

John Legere rushes into the scene and transforms T-Mobile

His career at T-Mobile continued as usual. Exactly what you expect. He wore a standard suit and acted very conservatively. He studied the vulnerabilities of the industry and T-Mobile.

Legere has decided to renew T-Mobile’s personality and make it stand out from the crowd. Instead of competing in the 4th place world, he created another kind of world that the company could lead. It took time, but the strategy worked.

Rather than following a herd of companies like AT & T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, and Sprint, he took a distinctly different course.

At that time, T-Mobile’s annoying personality emerged. It began to behave like a rude child. It created its own version of pink, and Leger created its own version of fashion. Even today, corporate leadership looks like this.

Legere and T-Mobile aimed at AT & T, Verizon and Sprint

Depending on the moment, Legere aimed at everyone, including AT & T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, and Sprint.

He used a nasty commentary that certainly awakened the sleepy wireless industry, its executives, investors, customers, and the media that covered it.

Many of these attacks were very personal to many others in the industry. Many thought this was a bad taste.

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But this nasty rhetoric helped T-Mobile stand out in the crowd. It did what Leger wanted to do.

The company was still sorry when Legere appeared in T-Mobile’s photos a few years ago. But Leger understood the formula of success. It teaches everyone I know.

An instant path to success, but the company and others had to catch up

Learn how success is achieved.

You see, the path to success he followed wasn’t to slowly build himself. Instead, it was a momentary play.

This is actually a great move.

When you’re struggling behind an eight-ball, just think of your goals and think of yourself as already achieving your goals.

Think about it: Who will you be then?

The subconscious does not understand reality.It believes you say it

Make it clear in your mind. Then just act like that person. And before you know it, your subconscious mind checks reality and makes sure you’re not where you thought it was.

Instead, you’ll see you over there instead of your current location. That’s when it tells itself, ok, if that’s where we really are, catch up!

That’s when you pretend to be successful and let the world catch up with you. This may sound too simple, but it works.

The success of T-Mobile is proof of that.

You see, your subconscious doesn’t understand reality. I will not judge. It only knows what you say it. No matter what you say, I believe it is a reality.

So if you say negative things to it, it’s the path your life follows.

But when you say something positive to it, it thinks your current thinking is wrong and instantly changes you to say it.

This was the path John Legere followed on T-Mobile and it worked.

The road to success for businesses and individuals is really very easy

Believe it or not, the path to success is really easy. If you believe, you will achieve. You have to believe.

John Legere has changed the downward trajectory of T-Mobile. It had crashed when he sat in the pilot seat. The choice was easy. It crashed and burned, or he could pull up and change his mind and change the company.

After months of research and the creation of this new victorious personality, Leger was able to not only stop the fall, but also begin to grow.

Today, T-Mobile is flying high. The acquisition of Sprint was completed last year and we expect continued success and growth in the future.

The next decade of growth for T-Mobile, Verizon, AT & T, and all wireless providers

Wireless is the industry at the heart of our future. That’s how everything is connected. This means that all other industries will use wireless to transform and grow themselves.

This means that the next decade will be a period of real growth for the wireless industry.

There are so many wireless providers today, but there are only three national wireless networks: Verizon Wireless, AT & T, and T-Mobile.

There are also many small players like US Cellular and CSpire. Second, there are also many MVNO resellers. The services offered by these companies are not as robust as the services of carriers, but they are cheaper.

These are companies such as Xfinity Mobile, Spectrum Mobile, Altice Mobile, Visible, Cricket, Consumer Cellular, Trac Fone and PureTalk.

Mike Sievert, the new CEO of T-Mobile, has many runways for future growth.

This means that T-Mobile has enough runways for further growth. Under new CEO Mike Sievert, the company has many new growth opportunities if it can stay on its current growth trajectory.

So pay attention to the wireless industry in general, especially T-Mobile. Let’s see how it changes and moves forward.

That said, thanks to John Leisure.

To save your creativity, high level of success, and T-Mobile and turn it into a growing company. well done!

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