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How LSU plans to handle center field with Giovanni DiGiacomo out ‘at least a couple of weeks’ | LSU – New Orleans, Louisiana

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LSU coach Paul Mainieri has made a hole in the middle of the outfield, saying center-fielder Giovanni Dijacomo will miss “at least a few weeks” with a tense hamstring.

LSU will use primarily two undergraduate students, Mitchell Sanford, and a first-year student, Will Safari, until DiGiacomo is cured. However, Safford also needs to recover from a hip injury that he suffered during the pre-match warm-up on Monday.

As a result, Sanford could start in the center field for two consecutive games against UL on Wednesday night. Depending on the time Safford needs to return, he may receive an extended opportunity.

“There is no doubt that Mitchell Sanford will be a hit,” said Mainieri. “I was just thinking of putting him at bat.”

LSU Baseball slipped out of the top 10 in the latest polls, two of which didn’t take into account the match that took place on Monday night.

Berwick’s sophomore, Sanford, has little experience. In 2020, he appeared in nine games with four starts, with the coronavirus pandemic inching into the lineup before the end of his freshman season. He hit .250 (12 RBIs 3) with 2 RBIs, 5 RBIs and stolen base.

Mainieri wanted to find Sanford’s play time, but LSU solidified the starter in his possible position in the outfield with the designated hitter.

Then Dijacomo sprinted towards the fly ball on Sunday afternoon with a shallow right center fielder against the Air Force. He stopped the right fielder Dylan Crew and collapsed when he caught the ball. Dijacomo remained on the ground and clasped the back of his left foot. He staggered the field with his left arm over the LSU athletic trainer.

“He has a tense hamstring,” Mainieri said on Monday night. “It hurt a lot today. I don’t really have a timetable, but it will take a while. My guess is that it will probably take at least a few weeks.”

Dylan Crew won a Southeastern Conference baseball freshman for his remarkable debut, the league office announced on Tuesday.

With DiGiacomo coming out, Mainieri planned to start Safari. LSU has released a lineup with him at Centerfield.

Safford chased a fly ball during batting practice before the LSU played Louisiana Tech on Monday night. Mainieri said he didn’t yell enough and clashed with left fielder Junior Gavin Dugas. Both players continued to participate in the warm-up. Immediately, Safford’s hips felt tight. He couldn’t shake the bat.

“Safford’s hips are a little better today,” Mainieri said on Monday. “Not 100%.”

So LSU started Sanford. Sixth batter, he went 2-4. In the bottom of the fifth inning, LSU drew 5-1 and Sanford scored a lead-off single in the end. Sanford scored a single again in the sixth inning, loading the base of the Grand Slam that connects the Dugas games.

UL Ragin’Cajuns begins the string after winning a three-game series at Tulane, which is difficult to top in the drama category this season …

Mainieri replaced Sanford with a junior Drew Bianco in the second half of the inning, and LSU defended the lead, so he chose a better defender in the centerfield. Sanford caught the only fly ball that hit his path.

“I was convinced he could run down a fairly routine ball,” said Mainieri. “I don’t know if there’s a range he can cover like Will Safford or Giovanni, but we’ll keep an eye on it.”

Dijacomo hit .333 (2 to 6) with a triple and one stolen base before he was injured. His range in the outfield, the fastest player on the team, will be difficult to replace.

The LSU hopes Sanford, Safford and Bianco will be able to fill their positions while waiting for Dijacomo to heal. You can also see Maurice Hampton, a sophomore two-sport athlete who started seven games last season and hit .231.

“Drew, Mitch and Will Safford know that whenever he’s healthy, he comes and plays that role and does it,” Dugas said. “It will be like Geo never left.”

How LSU plans to handle center field with Giovanni DiGiacomo out ‘at least a couple of weeks’ | LSU Source link How LSU plans to handle center field with Giovanni DiGiacomo out ‘at least a couple of weeks’ | LSU

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