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Wednesday was a record day in Texas, with 14,648 new COVID-19 cases reported.

Houston — I’ve heard about the increasing number of cases of coronavirus. The number of cases is increasing. Hospitalizations are on the rise and things can get worse after Thanksgiving holidays.

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On Wednesday, Texas broke the record for the number of COVID-19 cases reported at 14,648. It broke the record set for 13,998 Mondays. There were also 240 new deaths and 90 additional hospitalizations.

On Wednesday figures, Texas currently has 1,130,980 COVID-19 deaths and 21,950 deaths.

Locally, Harris County, a suburb of Houston, reported 679 new cases and 3 new deaths. This increased the number of counties to 91,449 confirmed cases and 990 deaths. It is important to note that 80,450 recovery reports have been reported in Harris County outside of Houston.

1,288 new in Houston The incident reported on Wednesday totaled the city 95,714. Two new deaths have occurred in the city, bringing the number to 1,423.

Of the 1,288 cases reported in Houston on Wednesday, 96% were tested within the last 14 days. 95 cases have been identified as duplicates and removed from the total.

Follow-up of COVID-19 cases throughout Texas

Texas maintains an interactive map of cases, deaths, and hospitalizations by county online. You can access the map from the Texas Health Department here.

Vaccine help on the way

Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca will all be able to provide vaccines as early as December. But who will be vaccinated first when the vaccine becomes available? We know that healthcare professionals dealing directly with COVID-19 patients and first responders will participate first. Other criteria that the state is considering when deciding who will be vaccinated first are:

Editor’s Note: Earlier versions of this story had an incorrect number of deaths due to Texas. This has been fixed.

How many COVID-19 cases and deaths in Texas? Source link How many COVID-19 cases and deaths in Texas?

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