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Boston, Massachusetts 2021-01-31 11:20:56 –

The vast winter storm that is currently affecting the region from Chicago to Washington, DC swallows New England on Monday and continues until Wednesday.

From Tuesday to Thursday, it’s the same storm that snowed eight feet on Mammoth Mountain, California.

Here in New England, Island Pond, Vermont, had a low temperature of -25 degrees Celsius this morning, so it’s probably the coldest time since January 2018. The lowest temperature in Boston is 7 degrees Celsius, which is a single digit lowest temperature for three consecutive days. Prior to this storm, the sun was waning on Sunday afternoon, recovering to teens and twenties, and a weak breeze.

Timeline: Track a three-day winter storm approaching New England

In such a cold weather, a strong storm occurs mainly near Nantucket, and the wind blows from the sea. With a water temperature of 41 degrees, there is enough warm air to challenge the snow and rain lines.

There is a ring around the moon on Sunday night. The old saying, “The sun, the moon, the snow, and the rain will ring soon” will certainly come true. In northern New England, overnight temperatures are once again well below zero, with teens in their twenties heading to the south coast.

Snow develops on the south coast shortly after sunrise and is slowly pushed north. It doesn’t take long for snow to accumulate 1-3 inches an hour. Even if rain changes are expected, it may be necessary to plow the snow before the changes. Therefore, in the first 3-4 hours of a storm, it can snow more than 4 inches. This is the length of snow from the Connecticut coast to the rain on Cape Cod.

The snow will arrive in the Boston area by mid-Monday afternoon. Near the mix line (snow is not as deep as inland) will be the most difficult and most devastating area due to power outages due to heavy snow and strong winds tomorrow night.

The strongest snow belt should last about 8-10 hours in one place. In a normal storm, you might say 8-10 inches in that time, but there is a very strong gradient between the very cold high pressure system in the north and the relatively warm low pressure system in the south, with 8 snowfalls. It is ~ 10. The total time can be as much as 10 to 15 inches.

The snow belt is pushed from southern New England to northern New England at the beginning of Tuesday and continues to move forward. There are actually two low pressure systems, perhaps three developed and then redeveloped to slowly move from Nantucket to the Gulf of Maine. Therefore, we constantly tweak the forecast throughout the long-term event.

The worst winds could be heading for high tide on Monday night-when we gust over 50 mph from the northeast. Coastal erosion and mild to moderate coastal floods can occur. High tides early on Tuesday afternoon may not be so dramatic, but some more problems can occur. In southern New England, precipitation is more likely to be light snow as snow continues towards the Canadian border on Tuesday.

Winds intensify from the north on Tuesday night, liquid precipitation returns to snow, and deep puddles refreeze toward southeastern New England by Wednesday morning. Clouds and occasional light snow can continue until noon on Wednesday.

Snowfall is 10 to 20 inches, with all the snow remaining, and at higher altitudes it is close to 2 feet. There are also some holes in the snow on the windward side of some mountains. In eastern Maine, snow cover is reduced, but it still has a significant impact, as snow is likely to turn into rain and then back to snow and ice.

After a short break on Thursday, the warm front takes a rain and snow shower at the beginning of Friday. After that, it can rain from Friday to Saturday, making it windy and warm. Then it gets dramatically cold again over the next weekend and the next week. A 10-day forecast for the very busy First Alert.

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