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Learn more about Eddie Murphy’s 10 kids, where the actor spent with five different women throughout his career.

Eddie Murphy, A beloved actor and comedian since his debut at the age of 60 Saturday night live With his long and memorable career, including the Emmy and Golden Globe Awards, Eddie built a family to share his success. His 10 children come from relationships with 5 different women. Delicious Comedians have a strong bond with their children.

In total, Eddie has six daughters and four sons. The ages of his children range from 3 to 32 years. The actor is proud of all his children. “I was really lucky with the kids. There aren’t many really bad people, everyone turned out to be really good people,” he said. Man 2016. Learn more about Eddie’s 10 kids.

Eddie poses with the kids on the red carpet. (Shutterstock)

Erik Murphy

Eddie’s eldest son Erik Murphy, 32 years old born to a comedian girlfriend Paulette McNeely 1989.He was mostly away from the spotlight and remained barely noticeable, but Eric is dating Jasmine Lawrence, Daughter of another famous comedian Martin Lawrence. He regularly appears on her Instagram, and on June 24, 2021, he wrote a sweet message to share his feelings about her. “LOVE with YOU upside down,” he wrote in the caption.

Bria Murphy

Bria Murphy, 31, Eddie’s eldest daughter.Her mother Nicole Mitchell, Eddie has five children. She is a visual artist and regularly displays her paintings (and pictures of her paintings) on Instagram. Many of her paintings are gorgeous portraits of black women. In addition to being a painter himself, Bria is also a co-founder of Gallery ArtUs. Bria also plays several film and television roles. Perfect match According to she played Mimi in 2016 IMDb..

Christian Murphy

Eddie had Christian Murphy, 30, with his girlfriend Tamara Hood Christians also keep it unobtrusive, but he has posted some sweet family photos of the extended Murphy family on Instagram, showing that all half-brothers sometimes get together for vacation.

Miles Mitchell Murphy

Second child with Eddie Nicole, Miles Mitchell Murphy, The 28-year-old was also the first child to have a comedian as his grandfather.Miles and his longtime girlfriend Curly Olivia Welcomed their little girl Evie Isla To the world on July 2, 2019. When celebrating Evie’s second birthday, Carly shared a photo of her young family on Instagram. “You are our whole world Evie Isla Murphy. Moms and dads love you little bees so much,” she writes.

Shane Audra Murphy

Eddie and Nicole’s third child Shane Audramer Fee, 26, born in October 1994. Some of her siblings followed their father’s lead into an acting career, but Shane is rather pursuing a modeling career. She regularly shares beautiful pictures of her stunning outfits on Instagram.

Zora Ivy Murphy

Zora Ivy Murphy, 21, was welcomed to the world by Eddie and Nicole on December 24, 1999. Like her sister, Zora wants a modeling career. Outside the fashion industry, Zora made her reality TV debut on VH1 with her mother and some of her siblings. Hollywood Exes..

Bella Murphy

The youngest of Eddie’s Nicole Bella Murphy, Born in January 2002 19. Like her father, Bella is trying to make her mark in Hollywood and is pursuing an acting career. Her debut role was certainly big.She starred with her father in a comedy Star Prince New York.. Eddie was certainly excited to work with his daughter in the movie. “If you have kids, your kids will be able to play like school, and your heart will explode with pride. Meet her to overlook the set and I’m big every day I had a huge proud daddy moment, “he said. today February 2021.

Eddie with the kids at the premiere of “Shrek 4”. (Shutterstock)

Angel Iris Murphy Brown

After Eddie and Nicole divorced in 2006, he established a brief relationship with the Spice Girls. Melanie Brown. From Fling, she had her daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown, 14, 2007. When Mel B first had an angel, the couple had some discussion, where Eddie said he needed a DNA test to prove that the little girl was him. Man June 2007. Eddie and Angel seem to be on good terms, although there were some challenges early on. Sources near the family said he was an “amazing father.” Man She sends a text message to Eddie and always calls him. She loves her father. “

Izzy Oona Murphy

Eddie is dating a model Paige Butcher Since 2012.Couple has been Engaged from 2018..The pair had a daughter named together in May 2016 Izzy Oona Murphy, 5. Izzy appeared to be sitting on his father’s lap in some of his family’s Christmas photos, like the one Christian posted on Instagram.

Max Charles Murphy

Eddie and Page have the youngest Max Charles Murphy, 3, November 2018.Max was sweetly named after Eddie’s brother Charlie Murphy, He died in 2017 after fighting leukemia. Like Eddie, Charlie was also an actor and comedian.

How many kids do you have, their age and mom – Hollywood Life

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