How many vehicles does a tip shortage actually burden?

The global semiconductor shortage is often reported as this unparalleled surprise that has completely upset smartphone and car makers, but there were plenty of signals that the problem was underway in 2020. The global blockade forced factories to close, losing demand for almost everything. By the time the line began to recover, the supply chain was in disorganized turmoil. No one knew exactly where to focus. However, it is clear that everyone will spend more time indoors, and as a result, there is an increasing need for components of the type that will be incorporated into mobile devices, televisions, personal computers, and other electronic gizmos. I will.

Demand for automobiles was reduced by about 15% (year-on-year) in 2020. However, the year ended with an increase in demand that the industry was expected to carry over to 2021. This, along with vehicles that require more semiconductor chips than ever to ensure, they have the latest features, are permanently connected to the internet, and automakers sweat. I am. Virtually all names in the industry have announced underproduction. But how many vehicles are expected to be lost in this?

According to (globally) about 705,000 AutoForecast Solution Research Shared by Automotive News, Although the expected loss is 1.4 million, which is much higher. I think the shortage of semiconductors is a convenient excuse for manufacturers who may not have recovered from last year’s disaster, but the shortage remains an obvious problem.

A half-dozen plant in North America has already announced an extension of closure until chip supply normalizes, and automakers who believe AutoForecast could reach 402,000 claim a shortage of 239,000 vehicles. ing. Europe’s shortage is about as bad, with estimated losses exceeding North America by 520,000.

As a global hub for semiconductor suppliers, it is believed that there are few problems in Asia. The facility in China is expected to produce 128,000 fewer vehicles than expected, with slightly improved performance in other parts of the continent. Still, AutoForecast believes that 439,000 planning units could be lost in the region.

Unfortunately, improving the supply chain does not seem to completely solve this problem. Unless automakers suddenly become indifferent to the digitization of their products (a big opportunity) and national security issues begin to become an issue, chip demand is unlikely to decline. China has been eagerly staring at Taiwan forever and is beginning to suggest that Taiwan may move. The big problem is the possibility of political collapse and war, but Taiwan is one of the largest chip suppliers on our market. But even if things don’t reach that point, most people assume that the tip shortage will continue until the local market meets their own needs and nevertheless expects higher prices. ..

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How many vehicles does a tip shortage actually burden?

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