How much does gynecomastia surgery cost in Delhi?

Gynecomastia is a condition in which men tend to develop breasts. This happens due to change in the overall hormonal balance of the body. Men who experience this hormonal imbalance end up having man boobs. This turns out to be a huge deterrent in their very lives. They end up losing their self-esteem. But this condition is curable. One can either go for medicinal treatment of the same or surgical treatment. If medical treatment does not turn out to be advantageous then surgery is the only option to get rid of it.

Gynecomastia surgery is a simple procedure. It is carried out by two methods. The two methods are mentioned below.

  • Liposuction method- Her a narrow tube is inserted in the fatty region. The tube is then moved back and forth. This ensures that the fat gets loosened before being sucked out.
  • Excision method- In this method a small excision is made to get rid of the excess fat due to gynecomastia.
  • Many a time both these methods are combined to get the desired results.

Types of Gynecomastia 

  • Pseudogynecomastia

Here the fat cells deposit in the chest area of the men who suffer from obesity. 

  • True gynecomastia

This condition occurs as a result of growth of glandular tissue rather than the fatty tissue.

Sometimes gynaecomastia can also occur due to genetic meaning it can e hereditary in nature.

How can gynecomastia be detected or diagnosed?

  • Physical test and examination
  • Symptoms study
  • Laboratory and blood test
  • Mammogram
  • Chest X rays
  • MRI scan
  • Biopsy test

Why do people go fr gynecomastia surgery?

  • It allows one to perform their physical activities such as exercise, running without being conscious.
  • Helps achieve asculpted physique.
  • Helps to overcome insecurities.
  • One can go shirtless without any worries.
  • Creates a firmer and flatter chest appearance.
  • It boosts self-confidence too.
  • Flat chest enables the patient to wear fitted clothing.
  • Improves body posture too.
  • Provides relief from social awkwardness.

About gynecomastia surgery in Delhi

New Delhi is the hot spot for carrying out cosmetic surgery of any kind. Due to the availability of a number of clinics and hospitals around, one gets the option to explore here. There exists many surgeons who excel at liposuction and gynecomastia surgeries. But one must decide wisely on a surgeon. A detailed analysis of cost and services provided as well as the results of the surgery must be researched well. A typical gynecomastia surgery in New Delhi costs minimum Rs. 40, 000. One can even get this procedure for a monthly EMI too.

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