How My Daughter Taught Her to Love Her Body-Hollywood Life

The actress reveals that she has gained new appreciation for her body through the children Rowan and Glia.

Brooke Shields It reveals how she taught her daughters to feel comfortable on their skin and how they did the same for her. The 56-year-old grew up in the limelight as a child actor and did not keep her past struggle with body image secret.In contrast, she says her daughter Rowan, 18, and Glia, 15, “proud” of their personality.

“I think they taught me more than I taught them,” says Brooke. Hollywood Life.. “I tried not to spill my anxiety, but to do that I had to actually take a walk. To gain confidence, I was healthy and Fit as much as i can.. It also only acknowledges how much my body has done for me in the last 56 years.

Brooke Shields poses in June 2021 with her daughters Glia, Rowan Henchy and Gingham Check swimsuits. (Aerie / MEGA)

“I want to tell them [that] The fact that it involves being healthy is not as desirable as it is. It’s not about your weight, it’s about fitting your body, taking care of your body, exercising and sleeping. Everything that children roll their eyes on when they are young. “

“I try to focus more on it, and they are much more proud of their individual strengths and shapes,” Brooke adds. “And I think they’re more focused on their personality because I witnessed them with them. I think it’s their generation.”

Brooke and her daughters got a lot of attention online on June 22nd. Blue coral reef The actress posted a photo of them wearing matching gingham swimsuits while on vacation in the Hamptons. An actress who works with Colgate to promote the brand’s gum renewal toothpaste says she needs work to stay healthy and feel good. She claims that teens saw her “really hard-working” movement, “Eat correctly” Without denying the food she loves.

Brooke Shields
Brooke has partnered with Colgate to promote the brand’s renewal toothpaste to protect and treat the gums and undo the initial damage. (Corrugated gum renewal)

“I know I eat better when exercising. I sleep better,” she says. “It’s a lot [are] It’s like a derivative of it. That’s really a message for me. Not only celebrating who we are, but also focusing on health rather than a specific silhouette. “

Pictures of the beach with Brooke’s daughters aren’t the first time she and her grandchildren have delighted their fans. Recently, she was a proud mom, posing next to Rowan in a teenage prom. Share on Instagram.. The actress was thrilled to decide to wear the stripless ruby ​​red dress she wore at the 1998 Golden Globe Awards when the redhead was nominated for Sitcom. Suddenly Susan..

“It was very emotional because she went to the archive closet and chose it herself,” says Brooke. “If I suggested it, she would never wear it, but she chose it herself … she didn’t know what the dress was. She didn’t know what the dress was. I just saw a red strapless dress, and she thought it was what she wanted to feel On the night of her prom.. Then I told her the story, and it became much more personal. “

Brooke Shields
At the 1998 Golden Globe Awards, Brooke wore the strapless dress that his daughter Rowan wore on the prom in 2021. (Bei / Shutterstock)

Brooke says she likes the memories of the night that happened three years before she married Rowan and Glia’s father, the filmmaker. Chris Henchy.. “I felt like a 30’s movie star,” she says of a gown made just for her. “There were sides, smooth hairstyles and red lips. It made me feel special. So the fact that she chose it herself was even more coincidental and very moving.”

How My Daughter Taught Her to Love Her Body-Hollywood Life

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