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As of July 5, about 3.6 million people in the United States are facing evictions of peasants in the next two months, albeit with a delay, according to the US Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey. The study measures the social and economic impact of a coronavirus pandemic every two weeks through online responses from a representative sample of US households.

The situation in New Mexico is as follows.

What about the state’s eviction moratorium?

Last year, New Mexico enacted a moratorium to suspend peasant eviction procedures. It is intended for residents who cannot pay the rent to move out. Evacuation continues for other reasons. The State Supreme Court has decided when to lift the state’s moratorium, and no expiration date has yet been set.

What is being done to help people face evictions?

The federal government has allocated up to $ 284 million in rental assistance to New Mexico, with two major counties taking their own initiative to provide tenants with unpaid rent, utility bills, and other costs. I am. The money may be used for 15 months rent and other expenses including internet access. If authorities are slow to distribute aid, the federal government may wipe out unused money. So far, the state has estimated that it has distributed at least $ 17 million in rental and utility assistance, acknowledging concerns that many eligible tenants may not have applied.

How does the court handle peasant eviction hearings?

State and municipal judges have been ordered to stop the final stages of the peasant eviction process because they cannot pay the rent. Tenants must provide court with evidence that they are currently unable to pay the rent.

In the 12 months from the same period just before the pandemic to February, New Mexico court statistics showed a 40% decrease in peasant evictions, or 1,977 cases per year.

What are the affordable prices in the state’s major rental markets?

Affordable housing prices are in line with most national averages in New Mexico. Prior to the pandemic, New Mexico was slightly below the national average in terms of the share of cost-bearing homeowners, who spend at least 30% of their income on housing.

The current vacancy rate in New Mexico is similar to the national average of about 7%, but the Santa Fe housing market is much tighter.

State housing officials say overcrowding and poor housing conditions contributed to the high COVID-19 cases and mortality of the Native American population in New Mexico.

Do you expect evictions of peasants to create a surge in homelessness?

I don’t know how much homelessness will increase in New Mexico. One symptom of the scope of the problem is census data, which concerns that 23,037 citizens could be expelled in the next two months.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced on Friday that the eviction moratorium for homeowners of real estate funded or guaranteed by USDA will be extended until September 30.

How New Mexico limits evictions, provides relief ahead of July 31 moratorium expiration Source link How New Mexico limits evictions, provides relief ahead of July 31 moratorium expiration

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