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How Press-on Nail Has Become a Fascinating Reliable in the Covid Era

When I was … Growing up in the mid-1980s, this television commercial appeared to have hit Lee Press-On Nails, at least during “Days of Our Lives.” DIY sticky plastic nails promised to be “fun at your fingertips,” but you couldn’t trust to get it done all day, or even in junior high school dance. The box should have a warning label. “Flirting the crush can cause the Lee Presson to pop out. It can cause extreme embarrassment.”

Despite their questionable quality, I longed for the set. As a flowering black girly girl, I’m as mature and attractive as a brown-skinned diva who fascinated the world with her power, talent, and elongated acrylic manicure, like Florence Griffith Joyner and Tina Turner. I wanted to see it. I thought Fake Talon was an affordable and convenient way to emulate style. Lee’s set didn’t help me avoid the adolescent annoyance, but at least I was able to try to imitate the sublime red mani that Diana Ross had been wearing for decades. .. Whether Ross wears a gown with sequins or a sporty look like this 1973 photo (right), her crimson nails exude an apology-free splendor. ..

Mr. Ross’s bright red nails always exude a splendor without apology.

Presson’s reputation for being cheap and unmistakably sticky eventually disapproved of them as nail trends changed. However, many nail salons were closed or shunned last year due to safety concerns, and there is growing interest in easy-to-use press-ons. And they have come a long way since the 80’s. With a huge array of colors, shapes and finishes, today’s more durable press-ons are less likely to pop out at the wrong moment. Since the pandemic began, Giovanna Coluccio, senior marketing director for nail care brand Dashing Diva, said sales have skyrocketed across all product lines, including Presson. She expects sales to triple in 2021.

Press-ons typically range from $ 9 for drugstore sets to $ 50 for handmade nails by experienced artists (designed decorations can cost more). But even high-end press-ons are generally less expensive than visiting a salon.

Today’s brands cater to a variety of tastes. “You can find short, natural-style press-ons that resemble your own nails, or long-length press-ons with complex designs,” said Brooklyn-based nail technician Aja Walton. Neutral-focused lines such as StaticNails and LumeeNails (custom sizes available) are minimalist, but nail art lovers can be drawn to edgy brands such as Rave Nailz, Impress and Marmalade. There is sex. Those seeking a unique style can invest in handmade sets made by nail technicians. This is an elaborate piece that is often sold in Instagram and Facebook shops. The business is booming. New York nail artist @theeditorialnail On Instagram, she reported that her client desperately began requesting a bespoke press-on last March. Demand is so high that she plans to launch a ready-made press-on line for less than $ 35 this spring.

A fake nail made to last for a long time. Clockwise from left: Nail, $ 14 for 24 pieces,; Nail, $ 9 for 30 pieces,; Nail, $ 9 for 30 pieces,

Boredom and the need for mood boosters have also played a role in press-on revival. Brooklyn singer and producer Aria Jay, 24, said: “Press-on was a safe and low-maintenance way to do that.” Jay had never worn a press-on before the pandemic, but was fascinated by its “cute design” and easy application. I did.

Franci Girard, the founder of New York fashion brand The Sixes, is another convert. “The nails looked terrible, so I tried it. It was also a way to practice self-care and stimulate joy during stressful times.” Both Jay and Girard are new, safe in the salon. We plan to continue using the convenient press-on even when normal conditions are reached.

Applying these instant manis with glue or glue tabs requires little effort. Start by preparing your nail bed with the polish remover, isopropyl alcohol, or pre-soaked pad included in the kit. Then choose the best press-on size for each nail. If the press-on is too big, you can file its edges, Walton advised. If it’s too small, gently push down on the center to install and expand. Press-on can last anywhere from 7 days (with glue tab) to 3 weeks (with glue). To decrow, apply glue to polish your style and soak your fingertips in acetone. To loosen the adhesive tabs, steam your nails in the shower, soak them in oil, and then lift the adhesive. “Don’t pry your nails open,” Walton warned.

Professionals claim that press-ons are safe and will not hurt your natural nails. Proper application and removal of them can avoid failures that require the help of a surgeon. “Whenever you learn something from the situation in Gorilla Glue, you should always follow the instructions of the manufacturer or nail pro,” said J, a Louisiana woman whose word of mouth spread the use of glue instead of hairspray. Mentioned. J recommends thinking of nails as an accessory for curious press-ons. “I like putting them on and off like jewelry,” she said. For example, it’s not as decadent as a jeweled ring, but a hilarious press-on makes it look gorgeous, even if it’s not as attractive as Ross.

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How Press-on Nail Has Become a Fascinating Reliable in the Covid Era

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