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How seniors can sign up for the COVID-19 vaccine – Valley Stream, New York

Valley Stream, New York 2021-01-14 16:01:11 –

Simpsonville, South Carolina (WSPA) – People over the age of 70 in South Carolina can now enroll in the COVID-19 vaccine. However, after the announcement, 7News received several calls, including questions about the process of long waiting times on the phone and complaints.

Raymond Harmer will celebrate his 95th birthday in March this year. He was able to stay healthy throughout the pandemic.

“So far, I’ve been lucky what’s going on. I’m not doing anything. I’m not going anywhere else,” Harmer said.

That’s the Simpsonville Senior Center, where Harmer will start bingo. He says he will get the COVID-19 vaccine every time it’s his turn.

“That is, whenever they go around and approach me, I bring it with me,” he said.

He also said he doesn’t have internet at home.

“This is one of the worst phrases in English for seniors. Just go online,” said Andrea Smith, executive director of senior action.

That’s one of the big concerns she’s heard.

“When the announcement was made, there was a lot of talk and the phone was ringing off-hook,” Smith said.

But she says older people who want the vaccine shouldn’t worry.

“People who don’t have access to the Internet shouldn’t be disappointed. They can still access everything that people on the Internet can access,” Smith said.

The mechanism is as follows. Calling the DHEC Care Line (855-472-3432) will help you find the location of your vaccination. DHEC said it received 5,000 calls on Wednesday and increased the number of people answering those calls.

You can also call Prisma’s phone like 833-2-PRISMA. There, your information will be deleted for future appointments.

“You just have to be patient, patient, and patient, because you’ll be on the list and someone will call you,” Smith said.

She just answered the phone and said that someone could help you, even if it had been waiting for a long time. Harmer believes that anyone who can do it should be vaccinated and will put up with his turn.

“I think it will help them. I want it 100%,” he said.

How seniors can sign up for the COVID-19 vaccine Source link How seniors can sign up for the COVID-19 vaccine

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