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Austin — Politicians like to argue that representative governments are all about the people. But sometimes it’s really all of them.

The best example is high gear on Monday when the legislature returns to the Capitol to focus on the re-election district. A map that defines the boundaries of both Texas Capitols fights with a knife once every ten years (and in some cases multiple times). Parliamentary delegations and state boards of education will be redrawn to reflect population changes revealed in the latest census figures.

The Texas House of Representatives, along with Senators, will redefine political district boundaries in the next special session.

Anyway, the last part is theory. The map will be reviewed to maximize the protection of partisan dominance, and to a lesser extent, to maximize the protection of most incumbents from the harsh behavior of the next primary and general elections. It’s more likely.

Think of future exercises as a combination of a musical chairs game and dodgeball, rather than a geography lesson in Texas. For some players, the person controlling the ball puts beans on the coconut, or there is no place to run when the music stops about 30 days after the music starts.

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