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Mount Sterling, Kentucky (LEX 18) — Within the Dubois Community Center on Friday, Valerie Scott travels on an easel and everything is in place when the center begins a weekend full of celebrations on June 16th. Make sure.

June 16th is the day of liberation and is the official marker for the end of slavery in the United States.

On Thursday, President Joe Biden signed a law that would make Juneteenth a federal holiday, and said Scott would give them more reason to celebrate this year.

“I’m going to celebrate every year, just as I’m celebrating July 4,” Scott said. “It’s very important for people to know that we won’t let this history slip under the table. We’ll accept it, talk about it, educate about it, and celebrate it.”

The Dubois Community Center will be hosting a series of events this weekend, starting with an Afrocentrism art exhibition from 5 pm to 7 pm on Friday.

At the art show, works by local black artists are on display.

Michael Minter states that being invited to exhibit his paintings is one of the “highest honors” of his career, as Juneteenth is a very important moment in history. I did.

“They, the moment they were free, it had to be the most powerful moment,” Minter said. “It’s a very emotional day because the kids growing up now spend their holidays trying to figure out where they came from. They spent their grandparents’ grandparents’ freedom-based holidays and now You can read books, sit down, and interact with people of other colors. It’s a very, very moving day to celebrate this. “

The Dubois Community Center also hosts a dirt bowl on Saturdays from 11am to 7pm.On Sunday, the center will lead an educational Juneteenth program, offering a soul food dinner to the community at 1:00 pm

In Jessamine County, those who want to celebrate their holidays can visit Clinton Hayden Park from 6 pm to 8:30 pm on Fridays. Juneteenth kids fun night.. Events hosted by the Jessamine County Public Library include live performances, games and activities for children.

Clark County also celebrates June 16th this year. The Winchester Black History and Heritage Commission will host the Juneteenth Festival at Heritage Park from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm on Saturdays. The celebration will include live music and booths featuring local businesses.

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