How the Cuomo Brothers’ On-Air Comedy Routine Endangered CNN | Andrew Mark Cuomo

CNN’s Golden Time anchor, Chris Cuomo, has refused to cover multiple scandals surrounding his brother, the former Governor of New York, for months. Andrew Mark Cuomo..

Chris Cuomo said it would be a conflict of interest for him to report on the sexual harassment, corruption and misuse of public funds that his brother had been accused of. But many wondered how CNN could justify the blackout of one of the top US news articles during the news network. Most watched Time slot.

Finally, last night CNN Chris Cuomo has announced that he will be “indefinitely suspended” from the network not because he couldn’t cover his brother’s scandal, but because he became part of them.

Chris Cuomo will use his position as a journalist to help his brother, including distance from Ronan Farrow, according to evidence released by the Attorney General of New York’s investigation into Andrew Mark’s workplace misconduct. I searched for information. His first story about the governor.. The governor’s top aide, Melissa de Rosa, told the investigation that Chris Cuomo began to contact her frequently. And the next day.

NS Evidence suggests that Chris Cuomo was dishonest in August when he said during the show, “I have never called the press about my brother’s situation.”

It is already known that Chiss Cuomo played a role in advising his brother during the scandal, and in May he apologized in the broadcast for doing so and was no longer rebuked by CNN. However, after this new evidence was released, CNN announced that Cuomo would be suspended from the network indefinitely. A CNN spokesperson said in a statement:

“When he admitted to us that Chris provided advice to his brother’s staff, he broke our rules and we publicly admitted it. But we also made his unique. I thanked him for his position and understood that he needed to put his family first and his work second. But these documents are more about the efforts of his brother than we knew before. Shows a higher level of involvement in. As a result, Chris was suspended indefinitely while waiting for further evaluation. “

It is unknown whether the stop sign has been paid or not.

Both CNN and Chris Cuomo answer a wider range of questions about how they implemented fairness in the coverage of Governor Cuomo.

In the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, the network allowed Chris not only to cover his brothers, but also to cover the Air Bud comedy-style entertainment segment, which enhances his public image. For one, the pair made a fuss about who looked good or had the largest nose (at one point, Chris brought up a giant swab of stanchions that suggested his brother needed it). ..

If the country wasn’t in a state of emergency, the segment might have been more eyebrows at that time. When criticism arose, the network claimed to have made an exception to a rule prohibiting Chris Cuomo from reporting on his brother, which had been in place since 2013. It was very interesting to humans. “

The decision to suspend its own rules has benefited CNN: Chris Cuomo’s show rating Climbed During the months of the brothers’ stunt show.

Cuomo made a solid report on other factors in the outbreak of Covid-19, but instead of bumping into his brother about who is the “meatball,” as he did on March 31, 2020, the family faced it. I was able to interview an American about the task I am doing. Less than a month after the first Covid case in New York was detected, less than two weeks after his brother and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio delayed the school’s closure in a trivial political struggle. ..

Dozens of episodes with his brother served as free coverage for the Governor’s $ 1 million book deal on how he handled the crisis. Still, Chris Cuomo, like everyone else, claimed that he was simply acting as a worried and affectionate brother, and many seemed to sympathize with the argument.

CNN employees complained that the network refused to blame him when Chris Cuomo’s message was first revealed in August that he was involved in his brother’s defense. ..

“The fact that Chris Cuomo wasn’t fired for his improper conflict of interest in actively influencing news articles is not only CNN’s irresponsibility, but also a shame on journalism.” The employee said. BuzzFeed News at the time..

Others complained that it was a typical network, a place where “the more you stand out, the less rules and disciplines apply to you.”

Marissa Hextetter, a prominent victim advocate and survivor of sexual abuse, warned against trusting CNN in a delicate story if Chris Cuomo was unaffected. ..

“It’s very disturbing that Chris Cuomo continues to be employed as a survivor who has trusted CNN in my story. His unethical behaviour, and the person who informs him in the first place. Behavior should be disqualified for journalists. If they continue with him, they can’t be trusted, “Hoechstetter said. Tweet on Tuesday.

And Charlotte Bennett, one of the young women who reported experiencing sexual harassment in the employment of the governor, issued a statement condemning the network’s omissions.

“Like my brother, Chris Cuomo used his time, network and resources to fill the victims, dig up opposition investigations and downplay our credible claims,” ​​Bennett said on Tuesday. “Other than dismissing Chris Cuomo, it reflects a network that lacks both morals and backbone. Does CNN support the integrity of journalism, or is Chris Cuomo rating it? Do you just allow him to act because you are promoting it? “

Chris Cuomo didn’t mention his role in his brother’s blunder, but complained on Tuesday’s radio show that his brother had been denied “due process.” But how else would the investigation revealing the message and transcript be explained? Andrew Cuomo has been able to conduct at least two thorough investigations of complaints about his conduct so far. He had access to a team of legal advisers and apparently robust people working in his defense.

CNN implicitly endorsed politicians they considered one of the good guys by allowing Cuomo to perform fellow routines during the pandemic (if Andrew Cuomo was the Governor of the Republican Party). It is hard to imagine that he was given the same margin as.) The suspension of ethical guidelines has become very unpleasant for the channel and its star hosts, as normal politics has resumed and both brothers appear to be plagued by scandals.

How the Cuomo Brothers’ On-Air Comedy Routine Endangered CNN | Andrew Mark Cuomo

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