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Pueblo — Shots are fired. The suspect is not immediately identified. However, if one shell casing is found, police are more likely to resolve the crime.

For example, consider the 2017 murder in Pueblo. In this particular case, investigators rarely continued, with the exception of the four shell casings where the bodies were found and recovered at the scene. Originally, those casings National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN)..

NIBIN is a database containing 2D and 3D images of cartridge case launches collected from crime scenes and photos of shell casings submitted by law enforcement officers testing guns collected as evidence. As more local law enforcement agencies join NIBIN, more images of shell casings will be submitted, increasing the likelihood of finding a match for a particular crime. Detective Greg Egan of the Pueblo Police Station said, “Regaining the results of the shell casing reveals that the gun was used in another scene. This may allow us to continue something we have never seen before. Maybe. ” He is also a Task Force Officer of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF).

“Each gun is located in a place like a thumbprint or fingerprint. There are no two guns in the same way.”

Detective Greg Egan

Detective Eagan said the ATF spearheaded NIBIN in 1999, but in 2015 the system was promoted nationwide.

Detective Egan had News5 see behind the scenes how a gun was test-fired at the Pueblo police station. The shell casing is then sent to the Colorado Research Office (CBI) in Pueblo, where it is entered into NIBIN. “For the caliber you enter, it’s usually 9mm or 40mm, but about 50-100 images are returned and need to be checked. Check the top 50 for potential law enforcement leads. I’m a partner. ” Janel Lions, a CBI Pueblo laboratory engineer, said.

Nick Chamberlin

Data collected by the Pueblo Police Department show the density of drive-bys, shootings, and shootings fired between January and May 2021.

In the 2017 Pueblo murder, the cartridge cases found did not immediately ignite Reed, but murder investigators were able to identify the person of interest after months of investigation. The person of interest was arrested after being contacted by Colorado Springs police. A 9mm pistol was found in the car during his arrest and was confirmed through NIBIN as a murder weapon used in Pueblo a few months ago. A person interested in the murder became a suspect and was found guilty of the second murder. They were sentenced to 47 years in prison.

Detective Egan said the conclusion of the case was the result of both Pueblo and Colorado Springs police believing in NIBIN. “You got the right part in place, the next part in place, and you’ve ruled 47 years from almost nothing. That’s the volume … NIBIN is there. Would we have been there if we weren’t there? “Eagan said.

Total number of shots fired

Nick Chamberlin

Pueblo police figures show the total number of cases fired between January and May 2020 and 2021.

Detective Egan provided News5 with the total number of shots fired using shell casings in Pueblo from January to May 2020 and 2021. In 2020, there were a total of 79 cases. By May of this year, there were 147 cases. Each year during that period, NIBIN generated about 20 leads.

By May 2021, a total of 347 gun incidents had occurred at the Pueblo police station. These are all incidents, including guns, from menacing to murder. There were 681 cases in 2020.

From January to May of this year, 262 guns were collected as evidence by the Pueblo police. Last year, the total number was 536.

From January 1, 2021 to June 10, 2021, 110 guns were reported to have been “stolen” in Pueblo. “That number is too much for me. There are an average of 22 reports a month that someone has stolen a gun … Take care of that gun. Put it in the safe. Where Don’t know if it’s there. “It’s a crime of opportunity, so don’t leave it behind,” said Detective Egan.

Detective Egan said the majority of shootings in Pueblo were related to gangsters and a significant amount was related to domestic violence.

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