How the Golden Globe Awards moved from Laughingstock to PowerPlayer

HFPA also took advantage of its new excellence and honed its reputation by hiring a well-known public relations firm, Sunshine Sachs, 10 years ago. Contributions to philanthropy have also increased significantly. The website states that it has donated $ 45 million over the last 28 years and the money has been spent on entertainment nonprofits, college scholarships, and the restoration of classic films.

Strange praise that was once taken for granted, like Mr. Zadra in 1982, has been minimized. The last really strange moment came in 2010, when voters nominated “The Tourist” for the best comedy or musical. (Neither was it, but it brought movie stars Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp to the show.) And the members began to plunge themselves into the fun. At the 2016 show, Globes frequent host Ricky Gervais said the award was “a little metal that old and confused journalists wanted to give you directly to meet you and take a selfie. “.

Still, everyone got a cut. A spokeswoman was rewarded for piloting a client on the red carpet before the show. Award strategists have begun asking the studio for advice on how to operate Globe voters. In February, the Los Angeles Times will receive a $ 45,000 fee for his or her work, a $ 20,000 bonus if the movie is nominated for Best Film, and $ 30,000 if the movie wins. Reported that it can be done. Fees flowed to stylists, limousine drivers, spray tanners, banquet servers, the army of red carpet layers, and trade magazines and newspapers that benefited from additional advertising revenue.

Mainstream media outlets, including the New York Times, have begun to report the Globe Ceremony more powerfully, generating enormous online interest and justification in proceedings, even if the award is still not comparable to Oscar as a marker of artistic achievement. Gave the aura of.

“Basically, all the people who were in a position to be critical enough for it to work were part of the system: industry newspapers, major newspapers, actors, directors,” Galloway said. It was. “Anyone who can stand up to legitimacy and say,’I don’t believe this, I’m not doing it’, ultimately a potential damage to their image drives them in the opposite direction I had an incentive to continue until. “

How the Golden Globe Awards moved from Laughingstock to PowerPlayer

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