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How the Golden Knights continue to draw stars like Pietrangero – Las Vegas, Nevada

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In this October 2, 2019 photo, St. Louis Bruce captain Alex Pietrangero lifts the Stanley Cup at a ceremony celebrating the victory of the blues championship before the start of the NHL hockey game with Washington Capitals in St. Louis. I will.

It may be memorable that the Golden Knights have only played three seasons in the NHL. They have attended the Western Conference Finals twice, involving star power that even well-established franchises can dream of.

It was Marc-Andre Fleury in the expansion draft. The closing date for 2019 was Mark Stone. James Neil, Paul Stastony, Max Pasioletti and Robin Lehner have given confidence to the sport’s youngest organization and made Las Vegas a candidate for the legal Stanley Cup each year.

It wanted Alex Pietrangero to be the next Star Import of the Golden Knights.

“You will see what these people have built,” said Pietrangero. “I think their passion for the city in such a short period of time, in such a short period of time, and how new the franchise is, has appealed to me.

“I wanted to commit to something, but these guys are all committed to the city.”

Pietrangero has a seven-year, $ 8.8 million annual contract with the Golden Knights. The term matches only by Stone and William Karlsson, who is the only other player with a no-movement clause in his contract and the only player with a larger cap hit than Pietrangelo ($ 9.5 million).

The stone is perfectly parallel to Pietrangero. At the time of the Stone Trade in February 2019, then General Manager George McPhee called Stone “here, now, in the future.” He said many players like him have signed extensions and are playing the entire career in one club.

So when the Golden Knights could trade him, they did — not only giving up high choice and valuable prospect Eric Branstrom, but also trading Colin Miller, Eric Howla and Nikita Gusev in the off-season. And made money. Only Pasio Retti earned as many regular season points as he did as Stone became the Golden Night, and no one has postseason points.

“When we added Mark Stone to the team, in my opinion we were candidates for the day,” said General Manager Kelly McClimon. “And for Alex, I think it’s a real upgrade to our hockey team. I think it’s a really important addition to make us a much better team.”

Vegas wants Pietrangero to have a similar impact. The team used to have a strong defense, but the two-way caliber Pietrangero hasn’t existed for ten years. He can shut down the opposition’s best forward while still generating attacks. He can perform power play or kill the penalty.

Frankly, he does it all. And, like Stone, the Golden Knights saw the potential to acquire the talent to break the game and did everything necessary to acquire him, even if it meant a deal between Stastony and Nate Schmidt. It was.

“The best players expect to try to improve the team as much as possible. I think the people here know that we are trying to win the Stanley Cup,” McClimon said. Told. “I don’t apologize for that. I will continue to do my best to be the best team.”

Pietrangero is expensive because his new contract makes him the fifth highest paid defender in the NHL. Stone is the fifth highest paid wing in the league, with only three goalkeepers having higher cap hits than Fleury.

But that’s the cost of star power. Some teams can create their own players who can draft and sign cheaper contracts. Golden Knights has started because Cody Glass and Zac White Cloud are one of the homemade players who are expected to make a big contribution next season.

The star also wants to win. Another attraction of the Golden Knights is that they didn’t want to wait for those players to grow before chasing the championship. The expansion draft helped them get players from well-known brands, but since then they have started running.

Pietrangero is just the latest example of the Golden Knights’ aggressive tactics when it comes to getting the best players in the league and placing them on a team that everyone believes can win everything.

“When you started like a franchise in the first few years, you expect a victorious environment and want to be part of that victorious environment,” said Pietrangero. “When you are very close, you understand how difficult it is to win, and it’s a process, and I think everyone is committed to it. They want that opportunity and It’s exciting to be part of that group with the same passion. “

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