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How the Internet Has Changed Our Entertainment Habits (For the Better)

Has there been any element of life that the internet has not impacted in one way or another? How we communicate, work, navigate, shop – just about everything that the internet can touch, it has. The only thing it hasn’t yet infiltrated is the natural world, but you have to admit that it will happen at some point or another. Not that this is a bad thing. The internet has made many things much better, especially when it comes to everything related to entertainment. In this blog, we will look at just some of the ways that the internet has changed our entertainment habits for the better.

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Streaming Shows and Movies

It seems odd that older generations would just flick around television channels and hope that there was something on that they liked. It’s especially odd given how particular our tastes are these days. Even friends and lovers can’t agree on what to watch but happily, that’s no great problem because they don’t have to watch the same thing. With streaming websites available across all devices, it’s more than possible for two people to watch two different things while sitting on the same couch. Of course, the abundance of choice can sometimes be a little debilitating, but you’d rather have too much choice than not enough.

Playing Games

In the pre-internet days, playing your favorite game meant traveling to a location that had it on site, such as a casino, or digging around in the closet to find your old edition of those classic board games. The digital revolution changed all that. You can play more or less whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want. There are websites and apps that allow you to play casino games, board games, and even classic video games right on your device. Rather than searching for places to play, you can simply whip out your smartphone or fire up your laptop. Easy!

Becoming the Entertainment

In the past, people were more or less just passive receivers of entertainment. There’s not much you can do with a traditional television show beyond just watching it. However, the rise of the internet changed that. Today, people don’t just consume media entertainment, they produce it. Some of the biggest entertainment platforms in the world, such as Tik Tok, provide a hybrid platform that fuses consumption with productions. People are watching Tik Tok videos, but they’re also making them. That’s a shift that has never been seen in entertainment history, save for, perhaps, theatre shows that rely on audience participation, but even that is guided. With the internet, the wheels are off — it’s up to the individual.

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What to Read

The shift in video consumption and game playing is noticeable, but perhaps the biggest internet-driven shift has been reading. The pre-internet days were guided by the books available in the local bookstore and the stories printed in the readily available newspapers. That’s pretty limiting, at least by post-digital standards. Now, people can look up information about any topic that they want, at any time, wherever they are. And what they’re reading isn’t the thoughts and opinions of one person, as would be the case if you were reading a newspaper, but expert opinions from various sources. Generally, they’re not doing that, but they could.

Books can also be downloaded in seconds. You can learn about a book, and then within moments, you can be reading the first page. If you could show that to a person from any other period in history, they would say, “you live in a magical age.”

So, in conclusion: the internet, good for just about everything that relates to personal entertainment.

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