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Over the last few years, the Pentagon has raised concerns about the US military. Recruitment levels are declining fairly rapidly.

The Pentagon focuses specifically on recruitment levels for young millennials and Gen Z.

When asked by a young man, “How likely are you to serve in the army,” according to a Pentagon investigation. Only 11% answered “definitely” or “probably”.

So the army has invested in some unexpected strategies, and the big one is video games. The Pentagon hopes that the world of esports, streaming and gaming will turn things around in the face of a cross-generational recruitment crisis.

Technically, video games are not a whole new territory for US military recruitment. In the early 2000s, the Pentagon released its own game called America’s Army. This is a multiplayer shooter that follows the flow of Call of Duty or Counterstrike. Decades of fairly reasonable success, it was finally discontinued in early 2022.

The U.S. military also works with game makers behind franchises such as Call of Duty and Doom to teach recruits using modified versions of the game, or to consult with game designers to be “realistic.” We are planning war scenarios and recruiting game designers in Washington. Tanks focused on military strategy.

Therefore, this relationship is decades old. However, the decline in military applicants in recent years heralds the arrival of a new era of gaming and military-industrial complexes, where esports and streaming dominate.

Currently, all departments of the military, and even the Space Force, have professional sports teams. They compete with other professional teams, other services, and even other Allied military teams. The military also sponsors many esports tournaments and helps to further enhance their presence.

They are also steadily streaming on the world’s top game streaming site, the popular platform Twitch, where recruiters have recently run into problems.

Twitch’s age limit is only 13 years old, and critics oppose using such recruitment tactics for children. In some cases, the military is said to have had a link with a vague message such as “Sign up to win!”. Click to display only the recruitment form.

In 2020, Congressman Alexandria Ocasiocortes proposed an amendment to the fiscal bill to prevent the military from using video games for adoption. Parliamentarians voted against it, winning 126 out of 292 votes. Although unsuccessful, it regained attention to controversial practices and put a strain on the promotion of military video games.

Almost at the same time as the House vote, the Army put himself in boiling water after banning troops, including writer and activist Jordan Uhl, and banning criticized Twitch viewers.

After being accused of violating free speech, the military temporarily left Twitch altogether.

Some critics have also pointed out the dangers of downplaying war and militarizing children’s violence by equating it with video games. Even today, the Air Force website has a game called “Airman Challenge” where you can learn about drones in Middle Eastern countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq and control drones to bomb “rebels”.

It is unclear exactly after the military’s large-scale recruitment promotion in video games. Recruitment practices have been repeatedly controversial, but seem far from slowing down. Esports tournaments and sponsorships are only ongoing, and the military has carefully returned to the streaming world.

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