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How the Reconstruction of Artesia Boulevard Will Drive North Long Beach Business Growth – Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California 2021-09-10 11:00:23 –

Joe Gomez, 59, is waiting for a bus at Artesia Boulevard on North Long Beach on Wednesday, September 1, 2021. Photo: Brandon Richardson.

A multi-city construction project to rethink Artesia Boulevard in Southern California is set to begin this winter.

NS Investment once in a generationAs one Long Beach official said, for pedestrians throughout Compton, Long Beach, Seritos, Paramount and other gateway cities, repaving roads, installing street lights and pedestrian crossings, upgrading bike lanes, etc. Focused improvements include $ 20 million.

City planners believe that this improvement will also have a positive impact on the growth of businesses along the corridor. This is especially true at North Long Beach, where business development has been lacking.

In recent years, new skyscrapers that have broken through the city skyline show that developer interest is primarily focused on downtown Long Beach, but over the last three years there has been a growing interest in North Long Beach. increase.

Tom Carpenter, Frontier’s Vice President and Director of Uptown Business Improvement District, has first-hand experience investing in the North Long Beach market, especially Artesia Boulevard, and future updates will pave the way for more private investment. I believe it will be opened.

Frontier Real Estate Investment is one of the new developers pioneering private development in North Long Beach. Most recently, the company opened Uptown Commons, a modern retail center with restaurants, coffee shops and banks.

“It further strengthens the whole area, which is a plus for us,” Carpenter said. “When our project started, we always wanted it to spur other projects and raise the bar for everyone.”

Carpenter added that much of North Long Beach’s investor attention is focused on Atlantic Avenue, another major road running from north to south. Current business development there is primarily focused on housing. Town home and versatility A loft led by LAB Holding, a well-known developer at Orange County’s Anti-Mall Retail Center.

“I’ve always talked a lot about Atlantic, and I think I’ve talked less about Artesia,” Carpenter said.

While home development is expected on Atlantic Avenue, the Artesia Boulevard market meets the growing need for local amenities such as restaurants and coffee shops.

“I looked at the various equipment that was lacking in the area and was convinced that these uses would really work for the site just because the area was inadequately serviced,” Carpenter said. Stated.

In addition to financial support from local and private sectors, the adoption of new zoning policies in conjunction with proposed road improvements will pave the way for business growth in the region.

In November 2020, the city council resolved to approve the first phase of its North Long Beach-specific rezoning policy. Uprun, Effective this year.

In Phase 1, the zoning requirements for Atlantic Avenue and Artesia Boulevard have been changed to be more uniform. Prior to the update, city council member Rex Richardson said it was common to see a “mixture” of businesses and homes next to each other. A driver driving Artesia may see a gas station next to a car repair shop next to the duplex.

Richardson said rezoning changes need to address these irregularities.

“It created different standards for parking, versatility. Different standards for clinics—they are all built into the zone,” says Richardson. “It helps set the stage for private territory.”

According to Richardson, the investment in the redevelopment of Artesia will also increase the lighting in the area and keep the streets bright all night for potential shoppers and other pedestrians.

Among the support from local leaders, policy changes, and interest from private developers, growing business at Artesia Boulevard still faces significant challenges.

According to Carpenter, Artesia Boulevard is mostly divided into smaller plots, in contrast to the vast vacant lots available for large-scale development.

“It’s difficult to get involved in a large project that cleans up most of the project, so it will take time,” he said.

Some business owners already in Artesia Boulevard express their feelings about future construction.

John Yim, owner of Louisiana Fried Chicken, said he didn’t think the improvement would have a significant impact on his business, which is popular with locals.

Its indifference to development comes from Im’s 16 years of experience running his restaurant for 16 years at the same shopping center on Artesia Boulevard and Myrtle Avenue, and I feel that it hasn’t changed much.

In 2014, the Artesia Boulevard was improved, but most of the heavy work was done on the border between Compton and Long Beach. These developments took two months to complete and cost $ 1.2 million from Proposal C’s funding. The city of Compton paid a prorated portion of $ 130,000. This is inferior to the road improvements planned for this year.

Deonta Douglas, owner of Mr. Fries Man, a gourmet french fries restaurant in Artesia Boulevard, opened a franchise store in May. Douglas is in favor of road development, as if the city could mitigate the potential for increased traffic as construction workers tear the road, it could discourage customers from shopping at his restaurant. Said.

According to Richardson, city planners are stepping up the construction, adding that work near Im’s restaurant and Douglas’s French fries spot will be prioritized and will be completed soon.

“If you do it as they said, I think it will make the community walk more,” Douglas said.

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