How to Always Win at Online Slots?


Whenever you visit an online casino, you see a series of interesting options in their catalogue when it comes to online slots – also try Slots Boss. Every slot game will have thematic displays with vibrant colours. For instance, a slot game may have a theme inspired by Harry Potter. So, naturally, fans of Harry Potter will latch on to it without even thinking twice. These themes are just a deliberate ploy to trap beginners by distracting them from the things that actually matter.

Things That Actually Matter


Volatility is something that you should always check in a game of slots before deciding whether to play or not. When a game has high volatility, it means that players tend to win large amounts on rare occasions. On the other hand, when a game has low volatility, it means that players tend to win small amounts on frequent occasions.

So, whether you should choose a game with high volatility or a game with low volatility depends upon your approach in general. If you want to win big in one go and if you can afford to invest more, games with high volatility would be your ideal pick. However, if you want to play it safe, then you should go for low volatility.

Payout Rate

By definition, payout rate is the rate at which a slot game yields returns to its players. Usually, slot games tend to have a payout rate varying between 92% and 97%.

Payout Rate Chance of Winning
Below 92% Very Bad
92%-96% Bad
96%-97% Good
Above 97% Very Good

The ideal games have a payout rate of more than 96%. In fact, 96% is considered to be the average mark. Games with a payout rate of more than 96% are described as “loose”. So, if you want to increase your chances of winning, go for loose games. The bottom line is that higher the payout rate, higher the chances of you winning.


So far, we have told you about what to look for in a game of online slots to increase your chances of winning. However, which game to choose is not the only thing that you should be careful about. You should also be careful about which casino to choose. There are many online casinos out there looking to scam you.

Players put in real money and expect to win jackpots but, unbeknownst to them, all the games are rigged. Such scenarios are observed in the case of unlicensed sites. When a casino fails to obtain a license, there is always a reason for it. Always stay away from such sites. Licensing bodies only issue licenses to casinos which are guaranteed never to indulge in fraudulence. The top licensing bodies in the world are:


There are various ways of maximizing your chances of winning but, to be honest, winning can never be guaranteed in a game of slots. So, when you play, make sure to play with a fixed budget. The budget should be an amount deemed affordable for you to lose. A wise player always expects the best but also prepares for the worst. We wish you good luck.

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