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How to calculate calories: behind science

When monitoring weight, many people calculate the calories of food to track their energy intake, according to a study by Journal of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.. But what exactly are calories, why are they calculated, and how do food scientists determine if a granola bar is 100 or 300 calories?

What are calories?

NS calorie Is a unit of energy, not a measure of body weight or nutrient density. However, the calories displayed on the nutrition label are actually kilocalories, or kcal. United Kingdom National Health Service (NHS) UK..Food packaging always mentions kcals, even though it’s just saying “calories”. 1 kcal is the amount of energy required to heat 1 kilogram of water once. Celsius (2.2 pounds of water at 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit), said Grace DeRocha, a registered dietitian and health coach at the Blue Cross Blue Shield in Michigan.

How to calculate calories: behind science

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