How to Choose the Best Transcription Service Provider to Protect Your Data

More often than not, when looking for the best transcription service providers, most people use search engines to surf the net. While there’s nothing wrong with that, before searching the internet, you should know how to choose the best service provider. That’s why we have shared some tips in this piece that might interest you.

1. Sign an NDA

Non-disclosure Agreement, or simply an NDA, is a document that indicates that your security is highly prioritized. Note that although some companies issue this feature by default, even if they don’t, it doesn’t mean they are scammers.

Before you sign a deal with them, be sure to talk with them about NDA, even if they didn’t tell you about it beforehand. If the services are reliable, they won’t have any problem with signing an NDA with you.

2. Accuracy And Quality

The first thing you want to confirm is the level of quality and accuracy of the services a given platform offers. To be sure that you’ll get reliable transcripts, an accuracy of at least 99% should be guaranteed.

Unless they can be that accurate, feel free to look elsewhere for accurate service providers. Suppose they claim to provide top accuracy, find out their work philosophy. Also, don’t forget to check whether they are ISO-certified.

3. Website Data Encryption

A weak website will easily lead to a data breach, and you should avoid them by all means. Unless a given site is protected through robust encryption protocols, you can’t be certain of the safety of your files once you upload them to that particular website.

If you have never heard of website data encryption, you just need to look at their full address. If you see that it begins with HTTPS, you can be sure that it’s a secure platform.

4. Qualified Personnel

Before a company can begin helping you with video captioning, you must be certain that they hire qualified personnel. Only qualified individuals should access and work on your files. For instance, the company should only hire native speakers of the language you’re looking for.

Native speakers are great because they can easily detect grammar issues, issues with the dialect, and the use of slang. That way, you’ll be sure of quality work at all times.

5. Credibility

Once you’ve found a company to work with, before you commence the process, you want to confirm its credibility. Try to avoid less popular companies that’ll struggle to introduce themselves in the market, or even where they are located.

Take a thorough look at their website to know where they are located, and the number of years they’ve been in the industry. If you can find genuine customer reviews on the website, the better. It’s the only best way to make an informed decision.

Final Word

We hope the details above helps you choose the best transcription service provider to protect your data. Remember, you must not let them convince you to use their services, unless you have done your due diligence and are happy with the findings. If they are reluctant to share basic information with you, then the company might not be safe for you.


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