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How to Choose The Most Suitable Muay Thai Gloves

If you are taking muay thai or thai boxing, the first essential gear you need is the right muay thai pair of gloves. They are designed to protect your hands by taking the impact of the blows. With so many models of muay thai gloves available, it can be daunting to make an informed choice for a beginner. Thankfully, here is a guide you can use.

Understand the different types of gloves

There are different types of muay thai gloves. Some are for general use purposes, while others are for specific usages. When browsing for muay thai gloves online, here are the common ones you will encounter.

  • Training gloves are the standard ones that can be used for pad work, bag work, and sparring as long as you get the right size. You can use them for everyday training, especially for the heavy punching bag. They are also the most popular muay thai gloves because you can use them for everything during your training.
  • Bag gloves are specifically designed for punching the heavy bag or pads. They are lightweight with shock-absorbent material to protect your hand from impact when smashing the bag. Although they are optional, they are good to have if you like the feeling of light gloves on the bag.
  • Sparring gloves have an angular shape to facilitate sparring with more padding on the knuckle and wrist area. This is to protect your opponent’s face and your hands as well. Sparring gloves can be referred to as specialized training gloves for regular bag work.

If you spend more of your time in the clinch, clinch gloves are necessary. Clinch gloves are very lightly padded with lining protection that enables you to clinch with the gloves on. They help you imitate real fight clinching while protecting your opponent from eye pocks and fingernail scratches.

Consider the size of the gloves

When you identify the type of muay thai gloves you need, think about the size. Gloves size is measured in ounces. If you are a newbie, you will be practicing heavier bag work, shadow boxing, and pad work, so 12-14oz size of gloves is recommended. Heavier adults can use 16oz gloves, while young children need 6-8oz. Heavier gloves offer more protection due to additional padding.  However, when you buy gloves that are too heavy, you will not desire to use them. Again, too-light gloves can cause you to hurt your hands when punching a heavy bag.

The fit

There is no standard fit when choosing muay Thai gloves, and also, different brands fit differently. Ideally, your muay thai gloves should not be too tight to interfere with blood circulation, and they shouldn’t be too loose to provide adequate support. Some gloves may feel too tight when new, but they loosen up after a few training sessions.


Muay thai gloves are made of genuine leather or synthetic ones. The former is more durable, breathable, feels better but slightly expensive.


Gloves with lace-ups require someone else to help you wear them, while velcro straps are easier to secure and more practical for training.

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