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When you are an enthusiastic fan of celebrities and stars, it is the dream you want to live to meet and interact with them. What do you guess? TikTok is the perfect platform to make this dream come true. The best part about it is the duet feature it provides. Thanks to this, you can do a duet side by side with your favorite star. You won’t physically duel with your favorite star, but you may be closest to being one with the best idols. If you ask us, it’s definitely worth a blow!

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Find a TikTok-exclusive duet post without any hassle:

What is TikTok’s “Duet”?

A TikTok duet is to record a video and display it side by side with an existing video. The original video is displayed on the right side of the screen and the new video is displayed on the left side.

This feature (which is also a very efficient way for marketing!) Allows users to react to other people’s videos and have comedy conversations with friends. It’s also very useful to compare the two videos and emphasize the different perspectives they display. To make duet videos even more attractive, TikTok offers a variety of layout options to enjoy.

How to enable Duet option on TikTok?

To duet on TikTok, your account must have a duet enabled (as a matter of course!). There are three privacy options available for TikTok videos. That is, you can make the duet video public, private (only for your own eyes), or only for your friends.

Note: TikTok considers accounts that follow each other as friends.

Here are the steps you need to follow to adjust your account’s Duet settings:

Step 1: Run the TikTok app:

First, you need to run the TikTok application and press the “Me” button at the bottom right of the screen.

Step 2:[設定]Go to.

When you’re done, press the “3 horizontal dots” in the upper right corner to go to the “Privacy” settings.

Step 3: Select your privacy settings.

Here you can choose the privacy settings you want! Click “Everyone”, “friends”, or “only me” to manage the privacy of your account for users who can duet with videos.

How to do a duet on TikTok?

Making a duet video on TikTok is easy and easy! Here’s how to duet with someone else’s video on TikTok.

Step 1: Find the video:

First, open the TikTok application and find the video you want to duet!

Step 2: Go to “Sharing”.

Did you find it? good for you! Then go to the Share option that appears at the bottom right of the screen.

Note: Sharing options have a right-pointing “arrow icon”.

Step 3: Click Duet.

Sharing options will open and you’ll soon find a variety of social media platforms available for sharing videos! For these options, click Duet. The icon you are looking for resembles the shape of a “two circles”, as shown in the figure below.

Step 4: Record video:

Tap the “Red” button at the bottom of the screen to start recording the “Duet” video. Your video will be displayed on the left side of the screen, and others’ videos will be displayed on the right side.

YouTube video:

How to do a duet with TikTok

How to do a duet with Tiktok and sound?

I finally created a TIktok duet, but couldn’t record the audio or audio? please do not worry! Here’s how to fix this:

First of all; give TikTok access to your smartphone’s microphone.

To allow microphone access to Android, go to your phone settings and go to[アプリケーション]Tap. Then find the TikTok app and select “Permissions”. Finally, go to the microphone section and turn it on.

With TikTok’s access to the microphone, there’s nothing to prevent you from creating an intriguing duet video.

Subsequent steps to follow are:

Step 1: Find the video:

First, you need to find and find the video you want to duet!

Step 2: Click Share.

When you reach the video, click the shared “arrow” option to allow you to create a duet post.

Step 3: Enable the microphone:

You will be redirected to the recording screen with the “red” button at the bottom. Here, on the right side of the panel is the “Microphone” option.

Note: The microphone is disabled by default. Must be enabled.

Step 4: Narration:

If you don’t want to use real-time sound / voice during recording, you can add it as a narration later.

When the duet video recording is complete, the edit screen will be displayed.From the menu on the right[Viceover]Tap to record the video narration. Now you are ready.

Important points to consider for future TikTok posts

For some people it may be enough to know how to do a duet on TikTok. But for anyone looking to be a sensation for TikTok, it’s time to know how to take TikTok’s posts to the next level. After all, the first goal at TikTok is to increase your chances of astonishing your followers from one video to the next (resulting in a lot of likes and views).

In a nutshell, the “peripheral” element that applies to any video (duet or other) has a significant impact on the popularity of the latter. Don’t underestimate the value of our 2 cents to you for lighting, visual effects, and anything else that doesn’t seem to matter at all in other ways. The content is certainly king, but presenting the content in a free setting further emphasizes its quality!

How To Duet On Tiktok?
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