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How to exercise in the heat of summer

Also, Dr. Gibson says we should slowly get used to the unfamiliar heat and humidity. This is a process known as acclimatization of scientists, which involves occasional exercise by choice when the day is warmest. This approach helps to condition our body to cope with heat well. When acclimatized, it sweats faster, more abundantly, dissipates internal heat better, and reduces elasticity and fatigue.

However, adaptation must be done in stages. Karl James, a senior physiologist at the National Sports Institute in Kuala Lumpur, first applies sunscreen, fills a water bottle with water, and goes out around 10 am when the temperature rises for a milder version. Attempts to complete standard training. , Malaysia, and co-author of the review. For example, if you normally run for 30 minutes, jogging for 20 minutes to monitor your mood. If your heart looks like it’s racing, he says, or you feel poor, “slow down.”

After a few acclimatization sessions, you’ll notice that your clothes and skin are soaked, says Dr. Gibson. Congrats. “Faster and more sweating is a great sign that heat adaptation is happening,” he says. Most of us adapt after about 5-10 hot workouts, but women, who tend not to sweat more freely than men, are extra to be fully prepared for intense workouts in the heat. You may need a simple session.

After each acclimatization session, head to the shower, but dial up the heat. According to Dr. Gibson, after intense training, standing under a warm shower spray or soaking in a hot tub for about 10 minutes will keep your body acclimatized. “It extends the stimulus for heat adaptation,” he points out, “hence welcomed and beneficial.”

A cold drink before hot training “helps hydration and provides a combination of perception and actual cooling,” says Dr. Gibson. Aim to drink about 16 ounces of cold water about 20 minutes before you leave. Drinking near the beginning of a session can cause stomach upset during training.

How to exercise in the heat of summer

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