How to Generate Revenue via Mobile Applications?

Building a mobile application provides a distinctive advantage to the business. It can be an efficient extension to existing solutions as well as a separate business unit. As long as the team defines the project needs and requirements, they will be able to come up with a great idea for implementation.

Mobile apps vary not only by the industry specification, included features, or the target audience; they also differ by business models. It’s interesting to discover how the same category applications use different approaches in stimulating revenue growth and maintain business strategies. Let’s discuss some of the ways to earn money when choosing mobile app development.

Membership fees

Businesses can choose to charge customers once they download the mobile application. This approach is known as the paid app, where users will access it only after paying the fee. Companies often set a symbolic membership like $0.99, whereas the higher fees are positioned for premium services, etc.

Paid functionality

The other business model provides the basic functionality for free, whereas the extra one is subject to payment. The options will vary depending on the app concept, and teams can come with as many ideas as they want. It can be paid content, digital goods, premium features, remove ads, etc. This approach offers the widest variety for monetization within mobile app development.


This method became quite popular not only among businesses but customers themselves. It supports a steady source of revenue for the company, whereas users choose the preferable plans according to included functionality and duration. Usually, it has a trial period to engage new users and present the product value. Besides, the subscription can be combined within the web application development strategy to share it on several platforms.

In-app advertisement

A lot of applications generate revenue from putting in-app advertisements, and it’s been a profitable approach for most of them. Also, it’s worth mentioning the fact how it was changing over last years. Teams developed a number of efficient ways to place ads and learned how to avoid annoying and distractive ones. They know how to make advertisements appropriate and relevant by extending user experience. Mobile applications can include smart banners, video ads, rewarded videos, native ads, interstitial ads, etc. But, conversely, some teams earn by excluding ads while charging a fee for this service.

Mobile solutions have opened numerous business opportunities and become new efficient platforms for turning a profit. There will be hard to find a team that hasn’t consider the possibility of monetizing its application and adopting mentioning models. Choosing custom software development can open new opportunities and allows the team to combine few approaches. It is important to remember that there is one best solution. The main thing is that the chosen business model helps with extending user experience, support product value, and share the company’s culture. It is always good to check other market practices and adopt the best ones within your application. The efficient monetization strategy should focus on the core functionality of your app and adopt balanced approaches in finding ways to earn within your product.


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