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How to Improve Concentration at Work: 12 Brain Hack

Everyone has a favorite habit to be productive. Your desk setup, morning routine, and diet all play a role. But there is one thing that everyone agrees can make a difference. It’s about focusing on music.

Soothing beats keep distractions away, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Wear headphones whether you’re trying to drown a lawnmower or just in the groove. Music can make all the difference to your focus.

That said, not all music contributes equally to productivity. You need to be careful about what you hear. To get the job done, you need a very different sound than training in.

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This article will help you choose the best music for your productivity and a list of songs to help you get started.

How to choose the best focus music for you

There are so many genres and artists out there that there is a lot of music to choose from. Keep the following guidelines in mind before pressing play.

1. Stick to instrumental

Songs that do not contain words make it easier to concentrate. The lyrics can distract you from what you are trying to achieve, as the words can be confused with what you are trying to read. If you’re writing something, you may find that you’re typing the lyrics instead.

Intelligence and instrumental music are interrelated. Probably because instrumental music does not get in the way. Instrumental music tends to fade into the background, giving the rhythm to the task at hand.

Stay away from the instrumental version of the song you are aware of. If you have already committed the lyrics to memory, it’s easy to enter the lyrics in the blank.

However, there can be some exceptions. Creatives who produce video and audio may prefer tracks that deliver creative juices, lyrics, and more. However, if you’re curious about the lyrics, switch to an instrumental song.

2. Take it easy

Not all instrumental music is calm and relaxing. However, focus music should be. So beware of instrumental songs that are too big and exciting. If you need to stay calm, louder volume and tempo can help.

Again, some roles can create exceptions. Manual workers can use more violent songs to maintain their energy. Calm songs are great for people in a desk-based role, but don’t go too extreme. Soothing things can be tiring, and yawning all day is not the exact path to productivity.

3. Choose your favorite music

After all, the best focus music is what you enjoy. If you don’t like classical music, don’t put together a classical playlist just because you come across research on its benefits. If you don’t like music, you lose the productivity you get from listening to it.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. If you’ve never worked while listening to jazz, why? Save your favorite songs for later listening. Over time, create a playlist of proven focus music.

4. Update the setup

Make sure you have the right equipment before you start adjusting your productivity. Invest in a music streaming service so you don’t have to listen to ads. Buy noise canceling headphones so you don’t distract your colleagues.

Focus music is all ambience. Anything that interrupts the flow should be done, whether the sound quality is poor or the streaming is glitchy.

Expect to spend at least $ 100 on headphones or speakers. For the streaming service itself, Spotify Premium is the standard for $ 9.99 per month. Slacker, Apple Music and YouTube Music are also popular.

Create a perfect playlist of focus music (with recommendations)

Now that we know what to look for in Focus Music and how to listen to it, it’s time to create a playlist. Start with these smooth and instrumental genres, artists and songs.

1. Chill hop music

This YouTube channel has about 3 million subscribers. The music video runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and features beats that allow you to relax while driving.

Most of the songs on this channel fall into a category called “lofi hip hop”, a type of electronic R & B. Unlike traditional hip-hop, lofi hip-hop songs follow a slow and steady pattern, providing concentration and relaxation.

Chillhop playlists can also be streamed on Spotify, Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Popular artists include nymano, No Signal and Sleepy Fish.

2. Andy McKee

Andy McKee is an acoustic guitarist who became famous after one of his early songs, “Drift,” became a hot topic on YouTube. “Drift” exemplifies the creative and quiet guitar technique found in McKee’s other music.

Today, McKee has six albums, mostly acoustic guitars. One of McKee’s most popular works, “Rylynn,” is a perfect example of his soothing, bright sound.

3. John Butler Trio

The John Butler Trio band gained popularity on YouTube after releasing the hit “Ocean” in 2012, attracting more than 50 million viewers. “Ocean”, which emphasizes acoustic guitar, is a complex ballad that undulates like the sea itself.

Known for its fluid changes in key and mood, the John Butler Trio proves that fast songs can be substituted for highly focused music. The long songs of the group (“Ocean” is 12 minutes long) do not get in the way of long projects. Two other favorites by John Butler Trio are “Betterman” and “Spring to Come”.

4. Pandora Classic Radio

Classical music has long been a staple for music lovers who want to get the job done. Pandora’s Classic Station features a great mix, from Beethoven to contemporary artists such as Maria Callas and Jorge Bolet.

Pandora There are radio stations of all possible genres. You can generate playlists based on genre, artist, and even specific songs.

Other Music app It provides similar playlists and radio stations available for modifying classical music. From heavy piano songs to violin concertos, there are many things that will rejuvenate your ears.

5. Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack

The movie soundtrack is full of great focus music. One of my favorites is the Pirates of the Caribbean series. It’s lively and adventurous, but not on your face.

If you like what you hear, Hans Zimmer, the mastermind behind the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack, has worked on a huge number of movies. Zimmer also put together the Dark Knight, Interstellar, and Inception soundtracks.

One thing to watch out for in film music is the association. As iconic as the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack, but if you’re thinking of Jack Sparrow instead of balancing your spreadsheets, you’ll probably need to switch to a new song.

6. The Legend of Zelda Soundtrack

Another hotspot for instrumental music is video games. If you don’t know where to start, check out The Legend of Zelda Selection.

Anyone who has played The Legend of Zelda games will immediately recognize what they have heard. The soundtrack is light, airy and awe-inspiring. The keyboard, harp and flute work outstandingly.

You can spend hours listening to The Legend of Zelda music, but don’t forget the songs produced by fans of this genre. The video gaming community is powerful and instrumental reproductions of your favorite game soundtracks can be found throughout the internet.

7. Natural sounds and white noise

Some people find this genre too relaxed, while others prefer unstructured focus music.Sounds like Lightning, wind, and rushing water You can take you to a quiet and idyllic place to get the job done.

One type of white noise to avoid is city-related sounds. Even without the lyrics, honking the horn or chatting with the crowd can be distracting.

The advantage of this type of focus music is that it can be set in a loop. If you find a track you like, repeat it. If you start over, you won’t even notice.

Ready, set, play

The biggest advantage of Focus Music is that there are no off-limits areas. Some people listen to Tom Petty’s songs more often than instrumental music, but that’s okay. The important thing is to be motivated without distraction.

To unlock the next level of productivity, click on your favorite streaming music site and spend a few you Do moreAnd above all, you will enjoy it every minute.

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How to Improve Concentration at Work: 12 Brain Hack

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