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If Thanksgiving weekend was any sign, Americans are definitely starting their trip again, despite concerns about the new COVID.

But does that mean that a family vacation will cost you a bundle? is not necesary to.

Airplane ticket prices are now well above the 2020 pandemic lows.

How to keep costs down

Robin Sachs Frankel is with Forbes Advisor. She says the deal is there, but people have to be a little creative this year.

“So instead of going to Miami, you might want to go to a less noisy little town in Salient, Florida,” she said of her spring trip.

Frankel advises people to travel during the less popular times of the year.

“Instead of skiing from Christmas to New Year, you might want to go in March,” she said.

People need to be prepared to pay higher prices for popular spots, as they did before the pandemic.

“Hotels that normally used to have hundreds of cars overnight have now doubled or tripled due to solid demand,” Frankel said.

What you need to know about insurance

Travel insurance is always available, is it worth the extra cash?

Not always.

“In the country, your health insurance should cover you most of the things you encounter,” Frankel said. “If you leave the United States, we recommend that you take out travel insurance.”

This is because many US medical programs may not cover hospitals in Mexico and other countries. Frankel recommends checking with your insurance company before traveling abroad. Supplementary international compensation can cost an additional $ 100, but it’s worth it.

What about insurance that covers you if you can’t go diagnosed with COVID? Look for “cancel for some reason” insurance as the basic policy may not protect you from known events such as COVID.

So pack your bag and try traveling during off-peak weeks to find those less-traveled destinations.

That way, you can keep your hotel rooms and airfares affordable and don’t waste your money.


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