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How to learn to walk again

“We have to believe that’today is the day I walk,'” said Brady Johnson, a former senior Air Force soldier of the US Air Force in Belvidere, Illinois, who suffered a catastrophic stroke during surgery in 2004. cerebral hemorrhage. One day Johnson was a healthy 31 year old training for a marathon. The next thing he knew was that he couldn’t talk or walk after waking up from a week’s coma. “The first day was terrible for me,” he says. “But on the second day, I said,’This is a war.'” In the United States, someone has a stroke every 40 seconds. Stroke is a major cause of serious and long-term disability. In rehab, most rehab starts with a leg lift in bed, then a walker supported by the therapist, and then to a wand. Johnson continued walking without a cane, even though he never regained his senses on the right side. He couldn’t run anymore, which frustrated him, so he turned to competitive bodybuilding instead.

Practice your balance. Initially, Johnson stood with a book and moved his right and arm with his left hand. Strengthen your muscles. “Don’t just sit there,” says Johnson, who exercises his legs in every commercial he watches. Get ready to do much of the work alone. Johnson’s medical insurance covered eight weeks of rehabilitation and physiotherapy. He knows other stroke survivors who have gained half that, even when re-learning may require lifelong work and discipline. “That’s what I’m always learning,” says Johnson.

Do not look down at your feet. You need to extend your gaze far away. “Raise your chin and lower your shoulders,” says Johnson. Get ready to fall. you will. When Johnson was practicing without a cane, he chose the path along the edge of the grass for a softer landing. If possible, look at the toddler. Three years after the stroke, Johnson and his wife had a boy. Witnessing his son learning to walk provided the deepest lesson of all. Without a doubt, the boy set out to work with playful elasticity. “He fell, looked at me, turned over, stood up and walked away,” says Johnson. “I meet him and I think that’s what I have to do.”

How to learn to walk again

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