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How to make a garden that the whole family can enjoy

there was Landscape designer Janel Denra Hobert recalled the first visit to San Anselmo, California, where her young family client recently bought a home. The front door of the house opened on a very steep, completely barren hillside, said a designer at Denra Hobert Gardens, a company near Los Angeles, California. Do you probably do it here? “

Fortunately, Mr. Denler Hobert was not stopped. Inspired by the owner, a skilled landscape painter, and a talented cook, she imagines a “layered garden where a wife can work on vegetables, school-age children can explore, and a husband can have a place to relax.” Did.

She began with a skeleton of hardscape elements when a French Mediterranean-style house was built in 1939, such as a twisted stone staircase surrounded by mature orange trees. She then introduced a combination of classic French design features — parterre potées, or kitchen gardens, espaliered fruit trees, geometric boxwood hedges — cultivated at once for a dynamic romantic landscape. Produce. A fascinating oasis where all ages can walk, gather and play, proves that “family-friendly” gardens don’t have to be all lawns.

Here are five strategies to help homeowners recreate their less than ideal plans into a welcoming paradise.

Open invitation

Thanks to the terrain quirks, one of the main outdoor seating areas of the garden, a group of chairs and tables surrounded by creeping figs and surrounded by a whimsical boxwood topiary, is the front of the house. It is in an unconventional location directly opposite. door. Indeed, after the garden was completed, homeowners staged a 40th birthday bash right there. “People have this reaction, like’Can we really entertain here?’” Said Denler Hobert. “But why? It’s a very cozy place to get together before you go exploring.” Potted evergreens, potted orange trees chopped into geometric carvings, and millions of bells. A potted orange tree planted with is surrounding the seating area, making it even more attractive.

How to make a garden that the whole family can enjoy

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