How to pack cables for moving

Packing cables can be tricky. It is easy to mix up or lose something. Apart from that, if the cable was damaged during the move, it can cause troubles when you connect it to the appliance after relocation. So, you really have to be concentrated. Moving company Paradise Move&Storage can easily help you with packaging your appliances and cables. In this article, we prepared some tips on how to pack cables safely.

Why properly packing cables for moving is important?

You do not want to use any cables that have been damaged. It is crucial that you pack them properly to prevent damage to the objects that they go with. If the wires are harmed while being transported, you could still connect them to a certain gadget and easily harm it. So, be careful and take the proper precautions when packing cables for a move. It also would be a waste of time when you will be trying to figure out which cable belongs to which device.

Check out the manufacturer’s guide

Cables are often connected to particular equipment or . The wires are connected to the appliance itself when it comes to kitchen appliances like a stove, refrigerator, etc. Therefore, before packing the cords for these products, it is necessary to read the manufacturer’s instructions. The greatest guidance on handling cables is provided in the manuals. Depending on the object you are moving, you can download the original manual online if you don’t already have it.

Take photos of the cables before the moving day

Take images of the cords with the devices before you start packing them for relocation. After the move, you will have a lot of time to spare. Despite how simple the cable placement appears to be, the truth is far different. Additionally, you may use your phone to record a video, which will make the process of re-attaching cables and unpacking them much simpler.

Don’t forget to label the cables properly

Labeling the cables is another thing that will make it easier for you to reassemble them afterwards. You’ll need several different colored sticky notes for this. The cable needs to be wrapped in one sticky note of a specific color. Next, place a sticky note of the same color where the device’s cord should go.

Pack the cables which are connected to the devices

It is important to prepare devices and cables attached to them properly. You shall follow these simple steps to do everything right:

  • disconnect cables from the wall socket;
  • fold the cable in an elongated loop;
  • wrap the loop;
  • wrap metal prongs with bubble wrap.

Packing cables of devices in this way will assure you that all belongings will come to the new house in a good condition.

Pack the cables that can be detached from the units

Of course, not every wire is connected to the device. To pack detachable fixed cables, you need to unplug them from the wall socket and the devices they are connecting and repeat the same steps as for cables from devices.

You can now pack the cables inside the plastic ziplock bags. This makes packaging wires much easier. The only thing you must remember to do is to label the bags.

After the relocation

It will be quite simple to connect the cables to the appropriate devices using the labeling system. Take your time and be patient. Go one step at a time and open the pictures and videos on your phone. Ask some of your friends or look up the proper cable attachment methods online if you’re unsure of where each cable should go.

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