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How to prepare (and survive) flash floods

Burttschell found that in his 32 years of career, people who stay with a car survive at a much higher rate than those who abandon it just because paramedics are easier to find than people. Did. “I really don’t recommend leaving the car,” he said. To make yourself more prominent, you can turn on the hazard lights, activate the car alarm with the key fob, and even sound the horn if possible.

If you get caught in flash floods while walking, you’ll run perpendicular to the water and “get as high as you can,” Manger said. It heads to the nearest building, runs up the stairs and climbs a tree or truck. She said that the bigger and heavier the object, the less likely it is to lift.

If it is washed away, do not stand up. There is a risk of your feet getting caught in drains, fences and other objects. Instead, Manger advised you to swim perpendicular to the stream, as if you were a lip tide, until you were safe. She warned that this would be very difficult even for a strong swimmer, as you would be fighting drainage channels, debris, and streams. “People need to be aware that most people who lose their legs in flash floods don’t go out,” she said.

For camping and hiking, Manger advised to investigate local weather patterns and forecasts before departure. She suggested camping on the river instead of next to it if a storm could occur upstream of the destination. As soon as the water starts to rise where you are, head to the hills.

According to Manger, the subway is “the last place you want to be” when flash floods occur. “In the end, if the storm drain is overwhelmed, there is no other place for water to go.” In other words, your best defense is to avoid it altogether.

When he realized he was underground during the flood, Munger urged him to leave the station as soon as possible, even if it meant forcing him to climb the flooded stairs. Eugene Resnick, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York, said that if you’re on a deadlocked train, don’t leave the train until instructed to do so.

Some of these steps may sound inconvenient, but in reality, following these steps can save your life. “I don’t want to be in a position where I look back or someone else looks back and says,’Why didn’t you listen to simple advice?'” Dr. Markenson said. rice field.

How to prepare (and survive) flash floods

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