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Pittsburgh (KDKA) – Sneezing, hacking, grabbing tissue, it’s a season of allergies with revenge!

“They aren’t just feeling it, they’re probably seeing it,” says Dr. Deborah Gentile, an allergist and immunologist. We are in a difficult season. “

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Dr. Gentile says that in western Pennsylvania, there is usually a period of tree pollen, followed by grass and ragweed pollen.

“Now they are hitting each other,” she said. “So in a few weeks we still have trees that are pollinating, but there will also be grass, so you will really get double pain there.”

Suffering from allergies is a special kind of pain.

“People may be miserable, crowded, sneezing, and anxious about their eyes. They have sleep problems and aren’t doing well at work or school,” explains Dr. Gentile. To do. “As you know, some of these kids have a hard time participating in sports. They go out and the pollen of the trees swells their eyes. Therefore, it has a significant impact. But it’s not really a trivial matter. “

Over-the-counter antihistamines are the first line of defense, but Dr. Gentile says that if they don’t provide relief, you may need to consult an expert about something a little more powerful.

When it comes to avoiding pollen in the first place, Dr. Gentile says it’s a mask that the CDC says it doesn’t need to be worn outdoors to prevent COVID.

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“Surgical face masks actually help filter almost all pollen, which is slightly larger than lower filtration levels,” she says. “Mold, which is a lot of mold, is completely filtered with a surgical mask, but it is not reliably filtered with N-95.

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To that point, Dr. Gentile says that not all face coverings provide the protection you need.

“I stick to surgical masks or N-95, but I’m not sure they probably won’t protect pollen, just as Gators don’t protect COVID,” she says.

Dr. Gentile emphasizes that masks need to be cleaned and handled carefully when coming indoors.

“Now it’s trapping pollen. If you go into the house and touch it, throw it away and then touch your face or nose without washing your hands, you’re going to give that pollen to you. We redistribute it, “she says.

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Her suggestion – for surgical masks you should use it and lose it, for cloth – wash it every time you use it.

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