How to Protect Hard Wood Floors From Office Chairs Casters?

Furniture swivel wheels for office chairs on carpet or hardwood floor are required for smooth movement of chairs with different dimensions on fleecy surfaces. Such solutions are also great for safe load distribution when sitting and bring the possibility of transportation within the premises. Moreover, great attention is paid to the practicality in use. The comfort of office furniture is ensured not only by soft seats but by wheels, as they make the furniture maneuverable. Widespread low-quality office chair wheels leaving marks on floor and are not designed for long-term use.

Why Office Chairs Can Damage Wood Floors

Clean shiny floors are the basis of the comfort of your home and nothing spoils a pleasant impression like scratches and dirt. Of course, you can try to cover the damage with carpets (which do not always fit into the interior and cause a lot of trouble with cleaning), or, even more, difficult and costly, to replace the coating. Everyone should remember that it is much easier to avoid such problems and buy furniture casters for hardwood floors but everything is not that simple. The reasons for such scratches are simple, as the cheap casters are hard and have a bad influence on the coverage.

There are some solutions that can easily solve the problem.

It’s important don’t forget to keep the floor clean because even a small pebble that accidentally gets into the office can kill two birds with one brick – both the wheel and the floor. Many chair owners recommend cleaning the floor with a wet patch. Even the best caster wheels for office chair can be spoiled in the case of the sand and other elements’ presence.

The computer floor begins to wear out with rollers after a few months. To prevent this from happening, you should immediately replace soft rollers on the chair after purchase. It’s easy to pick up the best chair casters for hardwood floors due to the Stealtho store. The wheels must be fixed in the five-pointed base of the chair and fixed with a pin and a spring ring. It is necessary to put new wheels in their place when the old rings are removed. Office chair wheels for carpet by Stealtho store are also worth attention, so check out the diversity of variants.

A protective underlay is a relatively small rug made of a transparent or colored material that protects the floor from mechanical damage. Such elements help exclude punching, erasure of the protective layer, deep scratches, and wiping the top layers of the coating. The chair mat is a convenient and practical solution, which, moreover, does not spoil the attractive appearance of the coating because they are often transparent. The style of mats is varied. Transparent products are versatile. Woodgrain will fit the standard laminate.

Rugs vary in shape, size, and material. You can use office chair casters for hardwood floors with ledges for the legs and without them, this does not affect usability. The sizes are also different, so there will be no problems with the selection of a rug. The thickness of the product, regardless of type, rarely exceeds 2 mm. Manufacturing materials are very widespread. The most popular are polyvinyl chloride, rubber, and polyester, which provide the protection you need. Polycarbonate is a durable and convenient option, such mats are transparent. They can be used on laminate floors that are equipped with “warm floors”. This material is safe, environmentally friendly, and durable. Macrolon is one of the polycarbonate varieties, which is characterized by increased strength. The material does not scratch and is easy to clean. Silicone is a convenient material; colored rugs with different decor are produced from it. Such products can be pressed over time when a person with an impressive weight is constantly sitting on a chair.

This is the simplest solution but the floor surface must be wiped with a damp cloth or special means to remove dust or small debris before laying the protective floor covering under the chair. The cardboard is laid after the floor surface does not contain moisture. High-quality office chair wheels for hardwood floors made by Stealtho Company have all the practical qualities for longstanding use.

The protective sticker is usually made in the shape of a rectangle. Such a solution can boast floor protection against water and dirt, moreover, it does not interfere with wheel movement and cleaning. It leaves no adhesive residue and 100% protects floors from scratches. Duct tapes look aesthetically pleasing and inconspicuous and all of them are made with rounded corners, which allows them to last longer on the surface. It’s easy to set such solutions because everything the person needs is to wipe the surface of dust, dirt, and sand using a clean damp cloth. Start gluing the tape from one edge, gradually gluing, smooth out from the center to the edges. The material is elastic enough and can be applied without wrinkles. Wipe the tape effortlessly with a dry soft cloth. The service life depends on the operating conditions.

Make sure that everything works seamlessly and the factory-supplied office chair wheels for hardwood are really good ones.

Even after the best casters for hardwood floors installation, it’s essential to take care of all the elements and the chair itself. Try to lift the furniture while moving; it will definitely help to save the unit.

Try not to pfaff around and take care of your personal comfort. When you see that it’s hard to repair the wheels, just pick up and change rubber chair casters for hardwood floors. The Stealtho Company offers decent products for the best solutions.

This settlement is the simplest and the most monumental, as you get an opportunity to purchase absolutely new products that will meet your new and old demands.

You can compare hard casters vs soft casters, make the right choice and additionally install the protectors and adjust the height according to your requirements. These units help move furniture easily and silently by attaching them to tables, chairs, chests of drawers, cabinets, or sofa legs. They can also be used on the back of furniture to prevent damage to drywall and wallpaper.


Choose for yourself only the decent products, and the Stealtho Company offers not only the best office chair wheels for carpet and hardwood floor but also different casters for all of life’s emergencies.

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