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((((WCMH) — Do you drive a Kia or Hyundai car manufactured in the last 10 years? If so, thieves are looking at your vehicle. Kia manufactured after 2011 and Hyundai manufactured after 2015 are attractive targets for thieves because of their manufacturing method, without a push-button start.

Rick Rickert of Likert Automotive in Columbus, Ohio said:

He said the technology has been posted and shared on platforms such as YouTube and TikTok, contributing to the theft.

“They are stealing cars, doing joy rides and doing other things, but then they’re just hiding them,” Ricard said. “They put them on the side of the road. Currently, there are 30 vehicles here today that are towed customers after being stolen to repair the steering column.”

But car owners are not the only victims.

“We found this in the most difficult way possible,” Ricart said. “In early February, I came to work one morning and seven cars went missing.”

According to Ricard, all seven vehicles were Kia or Hyundai. The theft was captured in a surveillance video from the dealer.

“Through the investigation, we figured out how and why, and soon we started to make sure that these vehicles weren’t left behind or left at night and were parked inside,” Ricardt said. I am saying.

Ricart recommends three ways to prevent vehicle theft.

  1. Park inside
  2. Lock the vehicle
  3. Invest in an immobilizer

Ricart also said that manufacturers of these vehicles are aware of the problems targeting them and are looking for a viable solution.

How to protect your Kia, Hyundai from being stolen Source link How to protect your Kia, Hyundai from being stolen

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