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How to report a lost or found pet in Las Vegas over July 4 holiday – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2022-07-01 14:57:27 –

Las Vegas (KLAS) — A new national database using facial recognition technology makes it easy to find lost pets prior to the weekend of July 4th.

Database called Petco Love LostIt is easily accessible not only to participating animal groups, but also to parents of pets and anyone who finds a lost pet. Uploaded photos of the animals found will be immediately scanned to see if the lost pet is in a participating shelter or in a neighbor.

The new database Adoption of Homeward Bound Cat And the love of non-profit Petco.

“At the July 4th celebration, more pets will be missing than at any other time. That is, it’s especially important to make sure your pet is ready for this weekend. Sign up for Petco Love Lost to get a microchip or make sure your existing microchip’s contact information is up to date and wear a collar and tag, “said Homeward Bound Executive. Director Christi Dineff said. “We see first-hand how quickly our pets go missing. Were they curious, slipped through open doors and gates, or scared during the fireworks?”

In addition to the database, you can check out of the Animal Foundation Lost and found office online. The shelter expects a significant increase in animals lost near July 4, so it will be exempt from all refurbishment fees from July 1st to July 10th.

Claiming a lost pet from the Animal Foundation requires a photo of the pet, veterinary records, rabies vaccine certification, and, if applicable, a current or valid breeder or fancy license. The lost property office is open from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.

You can also register your lost pet with Pet Harbor. You will receive an email daily when a pet that matches your animal’s description is registered as “found” by a member of the community.You can register using various links Missing dog, Lost catOr lost Animals listed as Other..

To register Found dog, Found a cat,or Found animals listed as other animals Please follow these links to access Pet Harbor.

Be sure to keep your pet tagged, even if you do not plan to leave your pet tagged during the holiday holidays. The average cost of a microchip is usually $ 30 to $ 45.

Lost pets brought to the Animal Foundation are under the jurisdiction of the City of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, or the Clark County Animal Care Department and are kept for 72 hours. If the animal is not subsequently claimed, it will then be released to the Animal Foundation for adoption. By their owner.

The contact information for the local animal management office is as follows:

  • Clark County Animal Management: 702-455-7710
  • Las Vegas City Animal Management: 702-229-64444
  • Animal Management in North Las Vegas: 702-633-1750

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