How to safely celebrate the inauguration

The inauguration of Joseph R. Biden Jr. in the presidential election on January 20 and Kamala Harris in the vice presidential election is different from past ceremonies. The presidential inauguration committee is urging people to stay home to prevent the possibility of a large number of people spreading the coronavirus, increasing security after a violent attack on the Capitol.

However, there are still ways to participate without a spectacular direct festival.

The committee is inviting people ahead of Wednesday’s event Upload your own video The website has a hopeful message, a national vision, or a note about unity. Or Send a selfie photo And you may be part of an augmented reality experience.Children can also participate Send a letter To Harris, who makes history as the first woman to become Vice President and a colored woman, with questions, ideas, advice, and other things you want to share.

On January 19th, we will participate in a national compliment in honor of those who died in Covid-19. A Illuminated It will be held around the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool at 5:30 pm Eastern Standard Time. Communities across the country can participate by ringing church bells and illuminating buildings.

If you want to celebrate your inauguration with others on social media, download Festival visual Share your post with the hashtag #InaugurationDay or #Inauguration2021 from the Commission’s website, including cover photos and zoom backgrounds. (Find the instructions at

Watch the swearing ceremony live on January 20th on the Commission’s YouTube channel, the New York Times website, or on major networks such as CNN, ABC, and CBS. The event will be held by noon and will feature Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez. Biden and Harris will then participate in a traditional military review that symbolizes the change of power and will visit Arlington National Cemetery with three former presidents. This is in favor of the inauguration theme, “America United.”There is also a plan Virtual parade televised With performances from all over the country.

Next, Tom Hanks will be the host from 8:30 pm Eastern Standard Time. Prime time special Featuring Bruce Springsteen, John Legend, other stars, and Biden and Harris. Watch on ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, MSNBC or stream on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Twitch.

How to safely celebrate the inauguration

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