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How to save big during the SC tax free holiday – Valley Stream, New York

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Spartanburg, South Carolina (WSPA) – What’s Better Than a Duty Free Weekend? Combine those savings with store discounts!

Many retailers save even more to attract customers and sweeten their pots during their tax-exempt vacation from August 6th to 8th in South Carolina. Holidays coincide with shopping back to school.

And perhaps no one is as excited about returning to school as 9-year-old Molly Covington.

“I got the clothes from the first to the third day of school, and I chose my hairstyle and everything,” she exclaimed.

Her mother, Michele Covington, was able to offer a course on savings with her three children.

“There are several mailing lists I’m on. Southern saver, And such, it sends edits and such. Here’s a list of school supplies and it’s said that this store and how much it will cost is here, so it’s really very helpful if you’re busy. “Mrs. Covington said.

Also, if you have a favorite retailer to go back to school and shop, it’s a good idea to sign up for a savings program now to get the first information on your transaction.

from Target circle app NS Best Buy Student DiscountIf you can combine discounts, saving 6% on taxes is certainly going even further.

Steve Hoskey, Best Buy Sales Manager at Spartanberg, said: , Said.

For example, this duty-free period in Best Buy can interfere with some store transactions related to duty-free products.

  • Up to $ 250 Off on Some MacBook Models
  • Up to $ 300 Off on Some Windows Laptops
  • $ 160 Off Some Beats Studio3 Headphones

And especially this year, parents can really use trading, as inflation has caused all price increases from notebooks to backpacks.

Besides selling, there are smart ways to save money. Stores like Once Upon Children in Greenville sell lightly worn clothing for children up to the age of 18, and if in good condition, buy your clothing as well.

Grandmother Angela Crumpler buys an autumn wardrobe for her three grandchildren, so she appreciates more than just a price cut.

“We will bring our stuff back here for resale for them because they will grow quickly,” Crumpler said.

So, in addition to school supplies and bedding, clothing is the largest tax exemption category and we mentioned most shoes.

Molly Covington may be only nine years old, but she has some great shopping advice.

“So when they are in a store and they are looking at what they shouldn’t buy it, they should go to another store and compare prices.”

Also, keep in mind that duty free leave also applies to online retailers. As a result, comparative shopping has never been easier.

Keep in mind that whenever there is a big savings event, scammers prefer to attend it. The Consumer Affairs Bureau warns shoppers to be vigilant. If possible, use your credit card instead of your debit card for online shopping. This enhances the fraud prevention function.

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