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Fresno, CA (KFSN)-Baking Central California at three-digit temperatures increases the risk of heat exhaustion for residents, especially those who work outdoors.

However, many experts in the valley, from farm workers to construction workers, are finding ways to deal with the heat wave.

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As the construction of luxury homes in the Fig Garden area continues, project manager and interior designer Gary Steinert states that the health and safety of his workers is a top priority.

“They start very early, leave very early, and work hard,” he says.

While painters are working inside, they are finding a way to keep them cool without air conditioning.

Steinart states that it needs to adapt quickly to three-digit temperatures.

“We’ve adjusted our schedule this week. In one of the other homes, we were planning to ask the roof crew to repair it, but this week it wasn’t.”

According to the CDC, heat-related illnesses are preventable.

However, recognizing signs of heat exhaustion is very important: intense sweating, sticky skin, nausea or vomiting, muscle cramps, malaise or weakness, dizziness, headache or fainting.

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Agriculturalists also have to deal with the extreme heat of summer.

That’s why Fresno County Farm Bureau continues to support them with a focus on education and outreach.

Ryan Jacobsen of the bureau says one of the easiest things to do is to make sure you’re drinking water.

“Make sure you have access to the shade and easy access. Make sure you have a mandatory break. If someone feels sick, take special precautions. Sit down and sunshine. Avoid. The buddy system is pretty important. “

CAL-OSHA requires employers to take steps to prevent heat stroke. This includes providing workers with water, shade and rest.

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How Valley outdoor workers are coping with the extreme heat Source link How Valley outdoor workers are coping with the extreme heat

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