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How Whiteman Elementary helps ‘military kids’ adjust – Kansas City, Missouri

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Nobnostar, Missouri — Corbyn Fulmar is an avid baseball fan and will answer immediately when asked for the name of his favorite MLB team.

“Braves,” said Corbyn, a 10-year-old at Whiteman Elementary School, without hesitation. “I grew up an hour away from them.”

He grew up an hour away from Atlanta, but his hometown has become several different places.

“I have traveled about six times,” Corbyn said.

For the past two years, he was a student at Whiteman Elementary at Whiteman Air Force Base in Nobnostar, Missouri. The majority of the students there are like Corbyn: military children.

“My dad is in the army. He is deployed,” Corbyn said. “The good thing about being a child of the army is that you can make friends all over the world.”

As you walk down the school corridor, a map covers a large wall, showing the air force base where the students have moved.

“Christmas holidays are usually a big season for us to move in,” said Hailey Wickham, a counselor at Whiteman Elementary School.

In this past grade, the school had about 30 to 40 freshmen.

Whiteman Elementary offers a student-to-student ambassador program to help students navigate the new environment.

“We use a student-to-student program to offer tours and a warm welcome to the school district,” says Wickham.

She works with 17 student ambassadors to help new students adapt.

“I think many of these first conversations will help come from our students, as the conversations between students are more comfortable,” Wickham said. “They are the first people to meet children, introduce themselves and move around.”

Corbyn is one of those ambassadors.

“Sometimes they ask me what lunch is,” Corbyn said. “Most kids, including me, are nervous when they come to a new school. I was nervous until I was toured by counselor Miss Wickham.”

The school aims to provide steady support to children who are accustomed to change.

“I know I couldn’t cope with the deployment,” Wickham said. “I couldn’t even imagine. They are really resilient kids and I’m very proud of me every day.”

For students like Corbyn, there are different emotions.

“I feel good because he serves our country, but I miss him too,” Corbyn said. “But he was there for my baseball tournament, and I was happy because he is our coach.”

Corbyn also said he was happy to be part of a community that knew he wasn’t alone.

“I feel better,” he said. “It makes you feel like you have found your happy place.”

How Whiteman Elementary helps ‘military kids’ adjust Source link How Whiteman Elementary helps ‘military kids’ adjust

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