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How will Ed Orgeron’s departure affect LSU’s recruiting class? Players and experts weigh in | LSU – New Orleans, Louisiana

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On the same day, coach Ed Orgeron sat next to athletic director Scott Woodward and announced the end of his tenure at LSU. He called the two new employees and told them to start their term.

And by Wednesday night, another of LSU’s 14 commitments to the 2022 recruitment class said he had also heard from Orgelon.

“I talked to him yesterday and he still said LSU was the best place for me,” said Laterrance Welch, a cornerback at Acadiana High School.

Maybe it’s easy to sell LSUs to new employees in the state. Defensive lineman Tiger Hill said he grew up watching the Tigers and New Orleans Saints. That’s the culture he grew up in, and that’s why he made Orgelon so friendly. He is from Louisiana.

The next LSU coach must be hired internally to prevent players from transferring, but if the staff holds most of the roster, the team has a talented foundation.

“From the bottom of my heart, I wanted to stay with Coach O, which was a big part of why I committed to the LSU family,” Hill said. “He was really transparent to you. He made you feel like a family. It’s like an uncle.”

Both Welch and Hill say they are still committed to playing LSU football for now. They take it every day as they finish their high school season. However, it is unclear how Olgeron’s commitment to ending the season and his imminent departure will affect recruitment.

Lame duck coaches have never been on the program for so long since they were fired. Woodward’s last coach to finish the season was at the University of Washington in 2008.

At that time, hiring looked different.

“Well, this was a new deal with the initial signing period,” said the director of 247Sports, which employs Steve Wiltphone. “Four or five years ago, the (national) signing date was February, so I didn’t fire my coach until Thanksgiving.

“But now LSUs are in a position where their work is open to all viable candidates and they know it. They have time to go out and make great jobs behind the scenes. , And that hiring can be done on Thanksgiving weekends, depending on who they hire. The coach has three weeks to recruit for his new program before the initial signing period. there is.”

Those who knew Scott Woodward would grow thought that one day he would be elected governor.

Wiltphon added that LSU is in a unique situation with Olgeron, who has quit his dream job and hopes that LSU football will not succeed in the future.

Sam Spiegelman, a recruitment analyst at New Orleans-based Rivals, said that when it comes to recruitment, assistant coaches often play the most complex role in maintaining relationships with recruiters. Associate Head Coach Mickey Joseph is the face of New Orleans Recruit, and Recruit Coordinator and Defensive Back Corey Raymond has made LSU a “DBU.”

“Some of the works (of the Orgelon staff), like Mickey and Corey, have come to think that they may be holdovers,” Spiegelman said. “It also suggests that we may hire at the end of the LSU season, and that you are almost delaying the immediate transfer of those hiring obligations to new coaches. increase.”

Catholic high school coach David Simoneaux said the advice to athletes is the same no matter which coach takes over at LSU. To a place where they can see themselves comfortably. And don’t consider the caliber of the people they are around.

Ed Orgelon has faced this situation before.

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Simono also added that in life you do not always have control over who your boss is. It was his case as a high school athlete when the Parkview Baptist experienced a coach change the year before the 2001 state championship.

“I don’t know who was impressed with the name” Nick Saban “when (LSU) hired him 20 years ago,” Simono said.

However, there is uncertainty that the name of the LSU is nothing more than ever. This is especially true for out-of-state new employees who may be more dependent on their coaching relationships than their brands. It also leaves them vulnerable to other suitors near the home, who can take advantage of the momentary instability of the program against them.

“If you’re a kid from Orlando and you’re enthusiastic about LSU, you’ve probably made a great official visit or have a great relationship with the staff, but Florida, Miami, and Florida around the world still knock on the door. “Spiegelmann said. “When adversity strikes at the school you’re working on, state schools tend to poach and attack.”

According to Spiegelman, the three-star tight-end Mason Taylor, a commitment of LSU in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is visiting elsewhere.

After the announcement that LSU and head coach Ed Orgelon will break up at the end of the season, UL head coach Billy Napier will be named …

But even new Louisiana employees can take a step back. Edna Carr’s 4-star wide receiver Aaron Anderson announced on Monday that he would resume hiring the day after news of Orgelon’s departure.

Another LSU commitment, the five-star quarterback Walker Howard, made a headline this week prior to his expected visit to Notre Dame. Walker Howard grew up in LSU football for his father, Jamie, who was a Tigers quarterback from 1992 to 1995.

“Now Walker wants to go to LSU. He always wanted to play at LSU,” said Jamie Noble. “It’s scary to us not knowing what will happen and who will be hired. It can always affect what kind of attack, and it has the most impact on quarterbacks.”

Damone Clark, a senior linebacker at LSU, said he would trust his faith and make the right decisions with his family if he were hiring now.

It’s been three days since LSU announced a separation agreement with Ed Orgeron’s head coach at the end of the season, and who …

But Glen Logan, a defensive tackle who saw the end of the Les Miles era first hand, said he had some confidence in the program, which won three national championships in the last two decades.

“Some of the advice I can really give is to stay humble and believe in the process,” Logan said. “Things will be ugly before we get better. This program will not diminish. We still go to bowl games, go to championships and what everyone expects of us. I’ll do it all. “

Closing the 2022 new employee class with a high rating may not be a difficult task. LSU currently has three top five signature classes on its roster, so the next coach does not need to rebuild.

But that can be interesting. Two highly acclaimed state players, Poncha Tula’s Safety Jacoby Matthews and Madison Prep’s Defensive Lineman, Quancy Wiggins, can head to the program with their intact coach staff.

But, of course, that’s not certain.

“I think LSU will be part of the top class when we enter the class after 2023,” Wiltfong said.

How will Ed Orgeron’s departure affect LSU’s recruiting class? Players and experts weigh in | LSU Source link How will Ed Orgeron’s departure affect LSU’s recruiting class? Players and experts weigh in | LSU

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