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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-11-30 17:34:43 –

Hudson, Ohio (WJW) – Hudson City School Director Phil Herman has announced that he will resign on February 18.

Herman has been working in this area for 16 years. He was appointed district overseer in 2013.

“Phil has had a huge impact on our district,” said Dave Zulo, president of the Hudson City Board of Education. “He is an irreplaceable partner for me and my fellow board members, and we have worked together to make Hudson School one of the best districts in Ohio.”

He has accepted his position as Principal of Impact Group, a Hudson-based telecommunications company that specializes in helping people with developmental disabilities.

“I’m excited about this new challenge, but the decision to leave Hudson City School was one of the hardest things in my life,” Harman said. “To oversee this wonderful school district is the greatest honor and source of pride in my career. Thank you to the school board, management team, teachers, support staff, students, parents, and the community. There is no word for. “

The school district has been criticized in recent months for controversial writing challenges for students.

FOX 8 Widely reported It appears in the book “642things to Write About” distributed to students taking college-level courses at Hiram College.

This book was part of a six-year writing curriculum and required a parental exemption, but only recently. Flagged by parents in September Someone who was worried about some of the write prompts.

After concerns about the book came to light, Hudson Mayor Craig Schwert spoke to the school board.

according to Summit County “I noticed that your educator is distributing what is essentially child pornography in the classroom. Will you resign or be prosecuted?” Schubert told the public prosecutor’s office on September 13.

After the meeting, two school board members were threatened with 150 phone calls and emails after the meeting, raising the level of reporting to police and board members for fear of their safety, according to prosecutors.

Summit County investigators have discovered that the book is not child pornography or graphics. Even the complaining parents reportedly signed the exemption and made no effort to remove the child from the class.

During the December 13 meeting, the Board will consider a resolution appointing Steve Farnsworth as interim supervisor. He retired as district director in 2013.

The board will begin searching for the next supervisor in the next few days.

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